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yoga retreat
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yoga retreat costa rica

AmaTierra Owners, Bob and Jill Ruttenberg

Bob and Jill, the owners of AmaTierra, are from Tucson Arizona and live on the premises.

hotel yoga visionJill Ruttenberg is a registered herbalist (AHG) who specializes in Chinese and western herbal medicine. Jill is a colleague of Dr. Andrew Weil and participated in weekly patient conferences at the program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona Medical Center. She has also had the good fortune to study with some of the best herbalists and OMD's in the world, including Dr. Michael Tierra and Dr. Joel Penner. Jill is also a certified massage therapist who practices many modalities, a Hatha Yoga instructor, and writer of articles for U.S. alternative health publications. Nutritional consulting, massage and yoga classes are all available on the premises at AmaTierra.

Bob Ruttenberg comes from a career of 40 years in the music business which began the day he returned to Chicago from the Woodstock Festival of 1969. He owned two record stores in the mountains of Colorado in the 70's & 80s and since then has helped hundreds of artists become known and respected, especially in the world of jazz music. Bob's friendly and enthusiastic nature and his passion for music will ignite your love of the arts. Ask Bob to turn you on to a special CD of your favorite kind of music. You will like it.

The Ruttenbergs have two grown daughters, Amanda, a visual artist currently living in Connecticut, and Tara, a recent graduate of the Master’s program at University for Peace in Costa Rica.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the whole person and provide an oasis of tranquility and rejuvenation through yoga, meditation, mind/body awareness, healthful food, fresh spring water, herbal medicine and bodywork.

We wish our guests to relax and have fun in a friendly atmosphere, to let nature be the primary healer, and to touch in with the local culture of rural Costa Rica. Please join us at AmaTierra and experience a truly unique retreat.

Our Wellness Professionals

Jill Ruttenberg, Wellness Director: Registered AHG professional herbalist, massage therapist and Hatha yoga instructor.

wellness yoga hotelJill has been a nutritionist and clinical herbalist and a student of holistic health practices for over 30 years, receiving her Master Herbalist Certification from East-West School of Herbology in Santa Cruz, California in 2000 and completing further clinical practice with Dr. Michael Tierra, OMD to eventually gain professional status from the American Herbalist Guild (AHG).

Jill uses Nutritional counseling, Traditional Chinese Medicine assessment methods and herbal formulas as well as Western Herbal tinctures and supplements to help people manage health issues through natural and dietary means. A “whole person” approach is first and foremost in her practice. She also believes in an individual approach to detoxing and tailors each person’s program to their specific needs. Click here or what to expect in a nutritional/herbal consulting session.

A massage therapist and energy healer for nearly 30 years, Jill has high standards for the massage practitioners who work at AmaTierra and she supervises the wellness services. Guests can be assured of professional treatment and safety with knowledgeable hands when they receive massages and body treatments at AmaTierra’s spa.

Yoga has been an integral part of Jill’s life for over 40 years and she has been teaching a gentle Hatha style yoga since 1999. AmaTierra employs other versatile, English-speaking yoga instructors who are adept at adjusting classes to suit the needs of the individuals. Private yoga classes are also available at AmaTierra. To learn more about Jill’s philosophy of yoga and to help you determine what is the best style of yoga for YOUR body, read this article.

Dear Jill, I can not sufficiently express to you HOW MUCH BETTER I AM BESIDES BEING HAPPIER! My IBS is virtually a thing of the past! I found the Chinese herbs you prescribed ( believe it or not) on Amazon! Same exact brands and was in my hands in 2 days. My undying gratitude to you and your magical wisdom and knowledge

- DKS, New York, january  2016

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Psychotherapists & Horse Reflection Experts, Mark & Marsha Friedman

wellness yoga hotelAmaTierra is a holistic center which firmly believes in addressing all aspects of a person. The inclusion of professional psychotherapists Mark & Marsha Friedman to our staff offers guests a new dimension of healing. Mark and Marsha, who have been married for 35 years, work together in creative, experiential and joyful ways to help clients create powerful and lasting change in their lives.

Mark and Marsha are available for group sessions or private sessions with individuals, couples or families during their stay at AmaTierra. They help people re-frame negative thinking and learn better communication skills to deepen relationships and transform engrained patterns. The end result is a healthier self image and more joyful interactions with others. Guests feel comfortable in the presence of this nurturing couple, and much is accomplished in a very short time.

In addition to providing private sessions, the Friedmans also offer an Equine Experience at their picturesque ranch. Here people and horses come together for a unique experience to learn more about the deeper levels of one’s true self, and to manage life’s challenges in new and different ways.

Guest Testimonial: Equine Experience
Neva, Retreat Leader from Maryland, USA March 2015.

"Being with these horses was the most obviously transformational event I have witnessed and been a part of in all my years of leading retreats. am already envisioning next year"

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Isabel Valverde Hernandez, Massage therapist

staff hotel yogaIsabel Valverde Hernandez is Costa Rican, and is a therapist and esthetician trained at the CEM school for massage.

An associate of AmaTierra since 2009, Isabel uses her skilled hands to provide either a relaxing or deep tissue massage. Her “galvanic current” Facials, which also use natural products such as our pineapple/papaya peel, are a popular add-on treatment in our spa.


Tanya Raine, Physical Therapist

staff hotel yogaPhysical Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner Tanya Raine brings her unique gifts to AmaTierra as both a licensed professional physical therapist and intuitive practitioner who has studied with various tribal medicine healers. Her sessions are unique, subtle and transformative.

One guest said "It was like she opened a channel, a River to God, in my consciousness." At the end of her sessions, Tanya gives feedback on what she has sensed about you during the session. If you are on your way to making changes in your life or need some deep healing we highly recommend Tanya's work.



Our Staffs

Diego Chavarria Fernandez Reception, Office Manager

staff hotel yoga

Margarita Arias Nuñez, Head Chef

staff hotel yoga

Yolanda Jimenez Bermudez,
Head of Service Staff and Housekeeping
staff hotel yoga

Rafael 'Cuco' Zuniga Navarro,
Maintenance Manager

yoga hotel costa rica

Amatierra staff and their families

costa rica yoga wellnessIncluding:

  • Elizabeth Alpizar Bermudez, 
  • Marjorie Jimenez
  • Margarita Nunez Arias
  • Eugenio Sandi Gomez
  • Beth Ramirez Los Angeles
  • Kitchen and Service Staff.

Owner/Partner Investment Opportunities

AmaTierra, LLC is a community of investors who believe in the vision of a peaceful haven for rest and rejuvenation which has as its foundation the beauty of the tropics and builds upon that magnificence with the tenets of natural health and healing. Together, these exceptional people form the backbone of this very special place called AmaTierra.

If you wish to join our investment community, there are still a few spots available. Please direct serious inquiries to Bob or Jill Ruttenberg by emailing us at