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Host Yoga Retreats at Amatierra Hotel

AmaTierra offers your group the facilities for yoga and spirituality retreats, workshops and seminars with a focus on wellness, meditation, the arts & creativity. We also provide the space and amenities for ceremonies, weddings and group or family reunions.

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We handle tours and transportation and make it easy for everyone, including the group leader, to have a relaxing experience in Costa Rica!

"Visiting Amatierra was a magical and profoundly healing experience for me and the small group of yogis I brought for a yoga retreat in January of 2014. I have been leading yoga retreats in beautiful places on the planet since 1994, but I found Amatierra to be uniquely supportive to the healing and spiritual focus of my yoga teachings.
The outcome of this synchronicity was a magnified unfolding and blossoming in the personal experience of my students. The owners and hosts of Amaterra, Jill and Bob Ruttenberg were warm and welcoming. We felt like family, understood and loved. The cuisine was nourishing to the heart and the body, as well as superbly prepared and presented. The staff was part of the family, obviously honored and respected. They beamed with happiness and were always willing to help. The ground itself vibrated with healing energy and beauty in a tangible way. The healing work given by Jill and other visiting therapists was deep, restorative and truly transformational. I personally experienced a life changing breakthrough.
Every aspect of Amatierra supported healing. I will be back. Thank you Bob and Jill and all of your staff. Thank you Amatierra!

Neva Ingals
Sacramento, California 2016

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For a wonderful group retreat in Costa Rica, AmaTierra offers the following services:

  • Transportation for the group, to & from airport and for excursions.
  • Rental car reservations if needed.
  • All meals, organic foods whenever possible.
  • Lodging 1-4 persons per room, 2 queen beds available in each suite.
  • Workshop space for up to 50 people
  • Daily yoga classes.
  • Free Lodging for Group Leader.
  • Bodywork/therapies for guests (regular fees apply).
  • Salsa Dance Evenings.
  • "Serenatas" by the Trio Alma Puriscaleña.
  • Group Toning with Crystal Singing Bowls.
  • We have an amazing, totally private Waterfall hike that is 10 minutes from Amatierra for our groups to include in their retreats
"Ama Tierra is the best yoga retreat in all of Costa Rica. The food is amazing and the gracious hospitality beats any vacation/retreat I have ever experienced. My group was totally in LOVE with all of it and are anxious to return."

Choice of excursions-day trips (learn more about area attractions)

  • Adventure Park Costa Rica.
  • Beach day (1 hour).
  • Carara Park Guided Tour (50 min).
  • Pura Vida Waterfall Gardens (1 hour).
  • Horseback Ride – options: hot springs, waterfall or ocean/mt vistas
  • Snorkel Tours to Tortuga Island (1 hr drive, all day tour).
  • The Ark Herb Farm (1.5 hour).
  • Tobacco Tour in Puriscal (20 min).
amatierra's facilities for yoga groupsamatierra's facilities for yoga classes
organic foods are usually served organic foods are typically served

Group Retreats require much advance planning! We urge you to get started on your plans at least 6 months ahead of time to ensure availability and the optimum organization for your group.

How to reserve for your group:

  1. Choose the dates you would like to reserve
  2. Write to us at to inquire about availability for your dates
  3. Begin conversation about specific services, what you want to include, prices etc.
  4. Sign Group Agreement with deposit. You are on your way to a great group experience!

We work closely with your group leader to ensure a wonderful experience for all! Please inquire about special, affordable group rates.

Terms and Policies

Testimonials from group guests:

 I have had the pleasure to facilitate two retreats at AmaTierra Retreat in Costa Rica. Both of my experiences were amazing. Bob Ruttenberg & Jill Ruttenberg are experienced, caring and thoughtful proprietors. The staff ( many of which I've learned have been with them for years and years ) are tremendous. The food, the tranquil location, the excursions they coordinate and the wellness services are all top notch. As a facilitator I felt supported & respected by Bob & Jill - they have the needs of the guests and the teachers paramount in their focus. I highly recommend this facility for anyone looking for a relaxing exotic adventure. The pleasant natured staff and the pristine mountainous jungle environment combine for a nature filled nurturing experience

Kenny Kolter
sacred sound practitioner
United States
May 2015

"A quick note to thank you, Taylor Lamanna and Inner Peace Retreats for your support and care filled shepherding of the wonderful retreat at Amatierra Retreat Center. The entire week was a dream come true. As a facilitator I appreciate your fine sense of detail freeing me up to focus on the curriculum and the course participants. All of the attendees left feeling a new sense of themselves, relaxed, recharged & healed. Lasting friendships were forged over healthy beautiful meals. I sincerely hope we can work together again on future sound healing retreats in gorgeous exotic locations. Blessings!"

Kenny Kolter (IPR Collaborator) -Costa Rica 2014

"I was blessed to be one of the 8 women at the sound therapy retreat in Costa Rica. Laurenn and Taylor...what an awesome team! The time, care, and effort you put into making this retreat an unforgettable experience I will always be grateful for. Looking forward to more exciting retreats :)."

Judy J. -Costa Rica 2014

"I signed up for a Yoga retreat with ipr to Amatierra Retreat Center in Costa Rica and got a lot more than I anticipated. Laurenn and Taylor kept us up to date with prearrangements, met us at the airport in San Jose, and rode with us to the retreat center. Everything was well planned yet they were flexible to allow for individual and group tastes. We took a couple of day trips, added a Pilates class, and had time for wellness services. Laurenn and Taylor are amazing young women and so were the other women in our group and at the retreat center. I had experiences and made friendships that will last a lifetime."

L.P. -Costa Rica 2014

"If anyone is even toying with the idea of taking an InnerPeace Retreat, stop thinking about it and go with Taylor and Laurenn. Imagine doing yoga and Pilates in a rain forest paradise, with the warmest of company. I have traveled extensively and was blown away by the AmaTierra hosts, staff, property, wellness services and cuisine, all thoughtfully coordinated by Laurenn and Taylor. If they have another retreat, I'm there. I HIGHLY recommend Inner Peace Retreats. An adventure of a lifetime!"

Ingrid I. - Costa Rica, 2013

"The InnerPeace retreat was so amazing! It was the first retreat for the group and I think it worked out so well. 17 ladies left there with new energy, friendships, and much love. I am proud of Taylor and Laurenn for organizing such an amazing trip.I have such fond memories that will last a lifetime, along with friendships. Thank you ladies and thank you to Bob and Jill for welcoming us to your retreat. I feel blessed to have had such an awesome opportunity! Namaste! - The next one????"

Lynda G. - Costa Rica, 2013

"Wow! What an amazing week!!! I just returned from an experience of a lifetime as I traveled to the Costa Rican rainforest with Inner Peace Retreats. This adventure exceeded my expectations from the moment we arrived at the wonderfulAmatierra Retreat Center hosted by Jill & Bob Ruttenberg. A week filled with yoga, pilates, ziplining, horsebackriding, salsa dancing, etc.....but most of all a week of experiencing some of the most amazing women--women that have turned into life long friends. I left with an open mind and returned with a full heart. I can't wait to travel with Inner Peace Retreats again!!!!Thank you Laurenn & Taylor for all you have given to make this such a memorable experience!"

Tracey P. - Costa Rica, 2013

Ahhhhh....AmaTierra! I look forward to my yearly retreat in the heart of Costa Rica where the magnificient views, fine food along with great hospitality at the retreat center ignite my soul. This will be my third consecutive year hosting a yoga retreat at AmaTierra. I'm looking forward to teaching yoga once again in the magical yoga studio pavilion accompanied by the toucans, butterflies and exotic plants.

Carlene Sullivan, Yoga Retreat Leader
Founder, Symmetree Yoga & Retreats
New Conway, New Hampshire

"I led a group of 18 from Kentucky in a yoga retreat at Rica Yoga."

Our trip couldn't have been better! The entire staff worked hard to make sure this happened: Bob went above and beyond to help me plan; when he found out Kentucky would be in the Final Four the first night of our trip, he arranged a television so we could watch during dinner! He pre-ordered Costa Rican beer and organic wine when he found out we drank. Jill is an amazing herbalist and bodyworker; she led a healing crystal bowl session and also got us all up dancing and singing along while she played the guitar and piano. Don't miss the chance to use the biomat! Kenny, the hotel manager, is enthusiastic and so knowledgeable! He led us to this amazing waterfall where we swam; we couldn't find a plant or animal that he didn't know! Pam, the resident yoga teacher, accompanied us on several of our day trips and became a member of our yoga family. The open air yoga studio is both beautiful and peaceful. Monkeys and toucans might show up to cheer on your asana session. And Isabel gave me the best massage I've ever had (and I've had a lot of bodywork in my day)! The rest of the hardworking staff are sweet and polite; it didn't matter that we didn't speak the same language. We felt cared for. The beach Bob & Jill sent us to was private and truly beautiful and the zipline tour was a pure adrenaline rush! The rooms are clean, the property is eco-friendly, and the every view is breathtaking. I left feeling physically refreshed and spiritually renewed. I cannot recommend this place enough and cannot wait to return!!! Pura Vida"

"My yoga home away from home!”
simply a magical place! It allowed me to nurture both my need for quiet, restorative pampering and my urge to explore the country in an exciting, adventurous way. On the days we stayed on site, our group welcomed the sunrise with yoga in the amazing yoga shala overlooking the mountains. Toucans would stop by to say hello and a few lucky yogis saw monkeys scampering about. We followed our practice with a fabulous breakfast; hot coffee, pinto gallo, scrambled eggs (the best I've ever had), and the freshest fruit you can imagine. The rest of the day was filled by basking in the sun, walking on the grounds, swimming in the gorgeous pool, or taking advantage of the fabulous bodywork treatments offered. My husband and I are both bodyworkers and are amazed each year by the quality of bodywork offered here! The meals are unbelievably delicious, but fresh and really nourishing. Jill & Bob knew our group wanted a little adventure too, so they set up a zipline trip, surfing lessons, and a trip to a volcano and waterfall. What a perfect way to experience Costa Rica! The rooms are neat and clean and the entire staff really seems to enjoy working there. We went during the last week of April and the weather couldn't have been better; sunny days and virtually no bugs! Bob & Jill have really created a very special retreat here. I cannot say enough good things about this place. At some point, words fail. You need to see this place for yourself!
Stayed April 2012, traveled with friends.

“A Dream Place to Host a Retreat”

"Wow, we set the bar high in picking Amatierra for our first retreat", was something I had said to my business partner Laurenn, after our amazing first couple of days at Amatierra.
I am onto my dream portion of my career, I am now fortunate to host Pilates/Yoga/ Healing retreats. In picking our retreat location, Amatierra fit every angel we were looking for; it seemed we had found quite the little "gem". We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to start the new venture with Bob and Jill (who now are dear friends).
They have instilled confidence within myself that I am onto something really great with my new passion. They helped to make our first retreat a huge success in more ways than one!
Booking our retreat with Bob and Jill we found the process to be quite easy. Bob was very accommodating to allow Laurenn (who is in Costa Rica) to come to the retreat center to see what it was all about. I soon then received a phone call from Laurenn who was memorized by the center. "We have to book with them, this place was so amazing, Taylor I can't even describe the energy! After the yoga class, taught by Jill, I felt my hair vibrating! And the food! The food is so GOOD!" This was a powerful statement to me, as Laurenn had never mentioned her energetic experiences after any class she has taken. And Laurenn and I are a bit of, what do you call... foodies! So, I was sold!
My next phone conversation was with Bob. We connected instantly as we shared a connection through the city of Chicago, where he grew up. He was great and easy to chat with. He told me all about the retreat center and what our attendees would receive; it all was reasonable for the price per attendee. He insured me that the weather in September would be beautiful and it was, even though it was rainy season (we loved the predictable afternoon rain that told us it was siesta time and the evening rain that shared our evening movement classes/ the start of dinner with us). At the end of our conversation I felt ready to start advertising our retreat with a very reasonable price for all we were going to offer.
The payment process went well and I felt safe with the transaction. The contract was easy to read and was fair for both parties. The business side of things ran smoothly. Bob was very easy to get a hold of to answer any of our questions. He even advertised our retreat for us on his Facebook page and website.
The time came for our SOLD OUT retreat! Costa Rica was pretty easy to travel to with only one layover from Chicago (we learned on the way back to NOT fly Spirit Air, stupid mistake on our part to pick that airline to fly with). We got to Amatierra with their help, after quite the adventure on a bus that was stuck, (once again, had nothing to do with Amatierra- we booked this transportation outside of the retreat center). They were there to help us in time of need and made sure we were all fine once we arrived. They even went out of their way to come pick us up and greet us with smoothies! It was so wonderful to meet Bob and Jill- finally. They were everything we had hoped we'd come to meet! We also got a bonus with Carlos- our pool boy, just kidding, our "everything" man (so accommodating and fun)! He is such a special person, as he adds such much life and laughter to the center. We can't say enough about our new (yes, that makes 3) dear friend(s).
After settling in a bit (including an all clothes on jump in the pool by Laurenn and I) we had a wonderful dinner of Tuna stakes (Laurenn was right, the FOOD! Oh, so amazing! We are all Amatierra cookbook owners!) and retired to our double occupancy casitas. They were perfectly equipped with everything we could need, were very clean, and had a nice Costa Rican touch to them.
The next morning we were woken with the excitement to explore the beautiful center. We were amazing with how beautiful the property was and all that was there at our finger tips; hiking trails, a waterfall, tilapia pond, greenhouse, AMAZING yoga studio, treatment rooms/ services, a pool, an outside lounging area, an inside lounge area with WIFI, dining area, and our own taxis to take us anywhere we wanted to go! What more could we possibly want?
We had a loose itinerary for the week with: morning meditation, morning class, breakfast, free time, lunch, siesta, evening class, and dinner. We did have one group excursion day planned, where we went zip lining and horse back riding to the most beautiful waterfall, which Bob set up with transportation.
We are so happy to have planned the week this way because it allowed the time for our attendees to enjoy all the treatments/ services Amatierra had to offer on and off site. Through these services, the retreat center itself, and our classes we were able to see the beautiful transformation in all of our attendees. Every single person was able to leave something that no longer served them and made goals for when they returned home. It was such a beautiful process to watch unfold. I have to thank Jill for most of this. She is incredibly talented with her healing gifts, that we all indulged in. We were honored to have her also teach yoga classes, crystal singing bowl classes, and a full moon festival for us! Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the opportunity to be around Jill and everyone they brought in for us, including Tanya!
Amatierra staff is so friendly and jumps up to meet your every need. They are so warm and welcoming and are always there to greet you with a smile. They are some hard working people!

As our week was winding down, some were fearful of going back to our hometown and loosing the sense of peace, happiness, and contentment we received at the center. I told them they can access the wonderful feeling we experienced at anytime, all they had to do was think of the memories we shared together at Amatierra. I reminded my attendees we would be back soon and they were able to visit the center anytime they wanted to.
I highly recommend Amatierra, I really cannot say enough about the center and of Bob and Jill. I am happy to speak to anyone about our experience as I will help to persuade you to "go for it"! This place will always and forever have a special place in my heart!

Taylor L
Chicago, Illinois
United States