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yoga retreat
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yoga costa rica

yoga retreat costa rica

Go Wild - Go GREAT!

Creativity and Innovation Program, with Rosemary Rein

August 7 - 14, 2009
rosemary rein rosemary rein
Exciting whitewater rafting adventure Exciting whitewater rafting adventure

Is it time this summer to stimulate your life, creativity, self esteem and personal goals while discovering your true force of nature?

Join this "Life Lifting Tropical Adventure Retreat" in Costa Rica paradise with a worldwide faculty of life coaches, world-class nature tours and jump-start your personal Journey from Now to WOW! ™

During this retreat you’ll stimulate your mind, body and spirit as you explore the unseen beauty of tropical Costa Rica while discovering your inner Tarzan and Jane. This retreat is for you if you need a life lift of mind, body and spirit and are seeking a jump-start/personal transformation. Jump-start your personal goals and begin acting on your "Life Dreams Bucket List". Foster your creativity!

Itinerary Summary:

  • Day 1: Arrival and welcome to Costa Rica's famous warm hospitality at Casa Bella Rita
  • Day 2: Creativity and storytelling sponsored by The Little Theatre Group followed by a special evening of storytelling, magic and laughter with the Creative  Troubadors
  • Day 3: Free day to enjoy your own Costa Rica experience
  • Day 4: Exciting whitewater rafting adventure, then transportation to beautiful, peaceful AmaTierra
  • Day 5: Discover your inner Tarzan - zip through the jungle canopy
  • Day 6: Yoga, spa treatment and quiet time to enjoy nature's inspiration
  • Day 7: Go Wild! Go GREAT! Costa Rica Now to WOW Workshop and Certification
  • Day 8: Departure and launch your own journey to WOW

Rosemary Rein, the Faculty Director of Now to WOW! ™ Learning Adventures, has been a resident of Costa Rica for more than 12 years. An entrepreneur and outdoor adventurer, Rosemary has survived evacuation from earthquakes, volcano eruptions, mudslides and tornados. She's also wrestled the corporate jungle, directing acquisition teams, strategic planning sessions and visionary customer service organizations.

In Rosemary's cutting edge learning adventures, you will learn to live a life of optimism, integrity and prosperity. She Lives, Loves and Laughs every day.  



During this week-long adventure you will fly through the trees in Costa Rica’s rainforest canopy while you let go of the obstacles that may be holding you back from your dreams and life changes. Learn to adapt to life and nature’s ever changing conditions amidst the adventure of white water rafting and you’ll become more aware of Costa Rica’s natural beauty and your own.

Retreat Includes:

  • Seven nights accommodation in unique and comfortable country inns
  • All workshops, tours and most meals
  • Private coaching sessions
  • Yoga
  • Pampering spa treatment
  • Chill days and plenty of R&R time


$1,700, double occupancy
$1,900, single occupancy