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yoga retreat
yoga retreat
yoga costa rica
yoga costa rica

yoga retreat costa rica

Yoga for 50 & Up, Staying Strong & Flexible through the Encore Years

Aging is a Journey… Not a Crisis

Join us for a life changing and experiential 5 day workshop at AmaTierra:
Jan. 13-18  5 nights

Tari Muir

Tari Muir

Aging is a Journey

Aging is a Journey

Invigorate Body, Mind and Spirit into Wholeness for the New Year!  
Experience the Yoga of Aging Retreat in beautiful Costa Rica’s premier, restorative AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness Center.

Where Aging meets Yoga:  America and the World is Aging at a time when lifespan and longevity are increasing.  Today’s baby-boomer generation’s view of aging will have a wide impact on the world and cultural life as we know it. If you are 50 years or older and would like to plan healthier ways to navigate the “encore years”, this 5 night retreat will show you how yoga’s timeless wisdom can be used to integrate Body, Mind and Spirit to enhance the aging journey. At beautiful AmaTierra Retreat Center in the lush mountains of Costa Rica, you will have time away from your daily routine to reflect and redefine your “purpose, contribution and commitment, particularly to the well-being of future generations.”

With the guidance of Gerontologist and conscious aging expert Tari Muir, we will explore questions like: What kind of mindful practices will it take to achieve optimum emotional and physical health? Where do Yoga and Meditation fit in to my life plan? Tari Muir offers her passion for Aging and meditation to help you unite conscious aging and yoga in everyday life to manifest an amazing aging experience. We will do it all through yoga postures, (with the help of AmaTierra’s wellness director and yoga instructor Jiill Ruttenberg) breathwork, journaling, meditation, interactive group activities, self inquiry and a luxurious day at a warm Pacific Beach.

Join us and have the courage to see aging as a new beginning: something indefinable, mysterious and awe-inspiring. Move beyond denial of aging in order to encourage a life where nothing is separate from you, when you and your aging journey flow into an expression of all that you were, all that you have become, all you have loved and learned and all that you want to share with the world.

What Yoga of Aging will do for you:  The Benefits

  • Understanding the Aging Journey from a new, conscious and personal perspective
  • Deciding how you want to experience and feel inside and out as you age
  • Create & Inspire adaptations for integrating yoga & meditation practices into everyday life
  • Renewed spirit, daily tools, balanced emotions
  • Relax, Restore, Luxuriate @ AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness Center in a beautiful, tropical Costa Rica


  • Tari Muir, M.A. Gerontologist has 15+ years teaching conscious aging & applying the tools of yoga and meditation to her own and other’s aging development and transitions along the aging journey. (See more about Tari at (Retreat schedule coming soon!)
  • Jill Ruttenberg, Wellness Director at AmaTierra, is a registered clinical herbalist & nutritionist, massage & energy therapist & Hatha yoga instructor for whom 35+ years of yoga practice continue to sustain her into the encore years.

Price includes

  • 5 nights’ lodging.
  • Meals.
  • Daily yoga classes.
  • All workshop activities.
  • Pacific Beach excursion.
  • All hotel taxes.

Optional Extras: airport transfers, wellness services, private sessions with Tari or Jill, additional tours.


$895 for double occupancy, $1050 for single (bring a friend, or we can pair you up!)

Sign up for the Yoga of Aging online or by calling 1-866-659-3805 (toll free from the U.S.)

To inquire about your reservations now, please click in the button.

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