Costa Rica's Rejuvenating Yoga Eco-retreat and Wellness Center


Amatierra is the perfect place to relax and experience tranquility by attending or hosting your own Wellness and Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica. An All-Inclusive Holistic Health Resort and Yoga Retreat where you can leave your stress far behind
and reconnect to your most vibrant Self, immersed in the power of Nature with like-minded Souls.



AmaTierra offers daily gentle Hatha Yoga classes for all ability levels and Free Meditation Classes for all. Experience AmaTierra’s jungle setting with inspiration views from our open-air teak wood Yoga Shala.



Life-enhancing therapies to rejuvenate your Whole Being: Massage, Energy Balance, Mind/Body sessions and Herbal and Nutritional Consultations with our highly professional wellness therapists.



Enjoy comfortable accommodations, affordable rates, organic foods, all amenities/tours/transportation included. Check out our reviews and photos of our breathtaking yoga shala.



Feel at home and alive in your Costa Rica yoga retreat in our simple, tastefully designed private casitas with 2 comfy queen sized beds and everything you to enjoy the serenity of the jungle.

Your Dream Retreat



Looking for the best, Affordable Meditation, Wellness and Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica? AmaTierra is here to help. AmaTierra is Costa Rica’s leading Meditation, Wellness, Yoga Retreats center and specialize in providing the best, Affordable Meditation, Wellness and Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica. At AmaTierra, we cater to the whole person – body, mind and spirit – providing an oasis of tranquility and rejuvenation through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, healthy foods, fresh spring water, herbal medicine and bodywork in Costa Rica. We aren’t just a business, we are family. When you book with us, you can be sure that your experience will be full of love, security, understanding, and joy every step of the way in Costa Rica.
From helping you find the perfect retreat to taking care of you the minute you arrive, we treat you like family. We invite our guests to relax, slow down and let nature be your primary healer, as you connect deeply with the pristine beauty of the tropical forest, settle in to your surroundings with wellness services and yoga classes, and experience the authentic local culture of rural Costa Rica.

AmaTierra is one of those magical places so rare in our world today - where pure Nature embraces you with unforgettable Beauty and Life Spirit.

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Melt Into Healing and Delight!

In every direction of this property I felt like I was receiving healing and encouragement to surrender into deeper relaxation. The lush green jungle literally reaches out with loving energy that feels like it’s rejuvenating me just by walking among it. The air is so fresh! The yoga shala is like a portal of healing. There’s this skylight at the top and it amplifies everything happening within, and not to mention the energies from the jungle and ancestors are palpable in this spot! The views from the shala and from the dining area are breathtaking, once again asking me to relax deeper. Bob and Jill, met us with just exceeding generosity at every turn. It’s like they were practically reading our minds when we were needing a hot tea, a snack, an interesting conversation. Jill’s knowledge of Chinese medicine exudes off of her – I felt like there was nothing she didn’t know. And the food!!! The land provides much of the deliciousness you will eat there. They grow many types of fruits and vegetables and herbs right on the property. This level of freshness and nutrition is beyond description, and every meal is an experience of art and delights all the senses. And wow, the feeeeeeeling of the place. It’s not everywhere you go where suddenly you find yourself in an impromptu piano concert with deep discussions happening easily among strangers. Just WOW. Go there and experience a great reset. Melt into your healing and delight!!!

Luci WTripAdvisor

Experience the Healing Energy at AmaTierra

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At AmaTierra, you can get a new start, detoxify your body or change your diet under the guidance of our Professional nutritionist and clinical herbalist Jill Ruttenberg, AHG.
Amatierra in the mountains yoga retreat

Our Mountain Forest

Nestled on eight acres of hardwood forest in the Costa Rican mountains, at an elevation of 600 meters, you can count on sunny mornings year-round and spectacular mountain views.
Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

Farm to Table Cuisine

Enjoy some of the freshest foods in all of Costa Rica: Home-grown, Organic, Delicious International Cuisine.

Comprehensive Wellness Retreat for Your Specific Needs

With many yoga and wellness retreats in Costa Rica to choose from these days, it’s important to consider what kind of experience you are looking for. At AmaTierra, we value versatility, creating personalized experiences and offering high-quality service to our guests. Whether you’re looking for a bed-and-breakfast in a beautiful environment off the beaten path, an all-inclusive vacation package for Yoga and Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica, wellness and adventure, or a place to host your next destination yoga / wellness retreat, we can help you design the experience that’s perfect for you. follow us at Facebook