Adopt a Family

If you would like to make a big difference in the lives of AmaTierra’s staff members, please consider making a monthly donation for 3 to 6 months to our GoFundMe for one of our families.

When you donate, you can specify which family you’d like to support and for how many months going forward.

You can also let us know if you would like contact with that family via email or social media,

or by sending us notes to that we can then pass on to them.

While GoFundMe does not have a recurring donation option, we will simply remind you each month.

At this time, August 2020 we have had to terminate 2 employees but are still helping them with bi-weekly supplies of food. The other 4 employees pictured here have been suspended but we are supporting them with donated funds and groceries. The Costa Rica government had promised around $230 per month to people who’d lost their jobs or were suspended. We went through all the hoops that a bureaucratic country set up, paid the lawyers to help us, but when we checked on the status of this relief money our hearts sank: We were number 5,000 on the list. We worried how these gentle, hard-working people would survive.

But you partnered with us, gave us all hope and donated to help put food on their tables and pay their rent. We are so very grateful.

Thank you for making our promise to them: “While we are with you, NOBODY will go hungry” a true statement.

Blessings to you. May you stay well, safe, happy and peaceful

–Jill and Bob Ruttenberg, owners of AmaTierra


Presenting....the AmaTierra Families

MEYBELIN López 40  years old and her 8 year old daughter Karolina. Mey is our a-mey-zing Chef who continues to surprise us with her talent which is all learned by doing, not by schooling. Mey is a single mother and Karol is her heart’s delight. Brought up in a rough part of Managua, Nicaragua, Meybelin’s older brother taught her to defend herself when she was 8 years old, and she can beat nearly any man at arm wrestling to this day.
To donate to Meybelin and Karolina, click here and specify in your comments on the GoFundMe page
JOHANNA Hernández Gutiérrez, 35 years old with her son Mathew, 15.
Johanna, originally from the western Guanacaste area of Costa Rica, loves fashion and helps a friend sell slightly-used clothing on the side. She is married to Adrian, who drives a truck. Johanna has been laid off along with Carolina, to benefit from the severance pay, and we’re including her in our food donations.
To donate to Johanna’s family, click here and specify in your comments on the GoFundMe page
ELIZABETH Alpízar Bermúdez 52 años, with her sons Jairo Enrique ,33  years, his wife Andreina Soto Monje 31; her 8 year old grandson,Jafeth Bermúdez Soto, and her youngest son Emanuel who is 21. Elizabeth has been with AmaTierra since before its present owners took over, so about 18 years now. She’s the one who makes us all laugh with her quick wit and quirky comments, and if there is anything you want to know about anyone in town, you just ask Eliza (pron. El-ee-sa)
To donate to Eliza’s family, click here and specify in your comments on the GoFundMe page
CAROLINA Ramírez Sandi, 34, is a quiet and steady worker and has been laid off (along with Johana) for now so that she could take advantage of the 3 year’s severance pay mandated by the Costa Rican government. We are paying her per month, and still including Carolina and Johana in our food supplies relief. You may recognize her partner “Popo”,  Dixon Agüero Salazar (age 50) who is one of AmaTierra’s tour drivers. He’s the one who spots the toucans and coatis on your way to the park. Both share the love of their 2 dogs; one is Puppy (pron. Poopie!) so we often say….”Popo has a Puppy named Poopie!” an in-joke!
To donate to Carolina and Popo,  click here and specify in your comments on the GoFundMe page
YOLANDA Jiménez Bermúdez  38 years old, seen her with her daughter, Jennifer,19 who graduated at the top of her class and is now attending University (virtual classes at the moment). Yolanda is head of housekeeping and also helps with food service, and, like Elizabeth, has been working at AmaTierra for 18 years. Yolanda is a soft and sensitive person, extremely dependable and always manages a smile. Ps. She knows quite a bit of English but is too shy to speak it!
To donate to Yolanda’s family, click here and specify in your comments on the GoFundMe page
EVELING Donaires 28 años, shown here with her husband Diego Umaña 31, Dylan,8 and  Allison, 5. Ev is the one who greets our guests with her light, happy smile and the one we depend on for bilingual communication and translation in the office. Aside from working full-time (pre-pandemic) at AmaTierra, and being the mother of two, Eveling takes courses at a local university; her aim is to become an English teacher. She has helped us navigate all the government requirements during this time, put our health protocols in order, and help us stay grounded with her patient, upbeat ways.
To donate to Eveling’s family, click here and specify in your comments on the GoFundMe page
As we mentioned, the staff has mostly been suspended (and two terminated) and really counts on your donations to keep food on their tables.
To donate to our GoFundMe  click here
Please write to us and tell us 
1) if you’d like to adopt a family with a recurring donation
2) how much you’d like that donation to be (recommended $25/mo)
3) how many months you would like to donate
4) if you’d like to have contact with the staff families via email or FB messenger or if you prefer to remain anonymous.
We thank you for your generosity towards our AmaTierra Families. 
May your good works return to you 100-fold!