AmaTierra Foundation

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

In 2020, when the pandemic caused us to cease operations at the Retreat Center, we created a “GoFundMe” page

to ensure that our employees and the more disadvantaged members of the community could put food on their tables. Thanks to the generosity of our guests, we raised over $11,000. That campaign is still active, and donations of any size are most appreciated.

Follow this link to contribute.


Update on our staff and families:

We can say with much happiness that at this time, December 2022, we have rehired the staff members whom we let go during Covid, and once again AmaTierra is thriving! Once again, we cannot thank you enough for supporting them with donated funds which converted to groceries and rent for our wonderful staff.

You partnered with us and gave us all hope. Thank you for making our promise to them: “While we are with you, NOBODY will go hungry” a true statement.

Blessings to you. May you stay well, safe, happy and peaceful.     –Jill and Bob Ruttenberg, owners of AmaTierra

About the AmaTierra Foundation: With the support of local residents and international volunteers, the Amatierra Foundation was created in 2007 to help empower the people of Turrubares through a number of new opportunities and cooperative community programs. In its initial stage, local community members, foreign residents and municipal government officials came together to strategize ways to engage the community and develop projects to best serve the people of Turrubares county.

At this time, the principle function of the Foundation is to help families who are struggling, by purchasing school uniforms for the children, sponsoring community events  and filling basic needs for those who fall upon hard times.  Thanks to you, our guests, we were able to help many people through the Covid time, especially our staff and their families. We are all forever grateful for your generosity.

If you wish to contribute so we may continue buying school uniforms for the kids every February, please

Follow this link to contribute.

AmaTierra Foundation projects include:

  • Recycling and Sustainable Practices
  • Environmental Education
  • Artisanship and Handicrafts
  • Purchasing Uniforms and School Supplies for Community Children

We are continuously grateful to community members and former AmaTierra guests for their generous contributions to the Foundation. Thank you for helping make a difference in the local community.
Muchas gracias!

Donate to the AmaTierra Foundation! We need your support and are grateful for your generosity in order to ensure the success of these essential programs. Purchases in our gift shop or from Amanda Rose Design Studio are also good ways to support the foundation. Please write us at to inquire about donation options.