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Jill Ruttenberg, RH, AHG

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jill herbAmaTierra Integrative Herbs combines herbs from the best of Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic and Tropical traditions. Formulated by Jill Ruttenberg, AHG Registered Herbalist and Owner of AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness Center, these proprietary herbal combinations are safe, natural, holistic tinctures to alleviate sleep problems, strengthen immunity, relieve chronic joint pain, assist digestion or settle menstrual imbalances.


AmaTierra is also an organic farm and we grow Potent Turmeric which we harvest, cut, dry in our solar dryer and make into powder for sale in 4 oz jars. Turmeric has been shown to help digestion, prevent a variety of diseases including cancer, and is a leading anti-inflammatory herb. Using it in foods and as medicine boosts immunity and overall good health. We sell the turmeric in our gift shop and can ship it internationally. Just contact us to purchase this helpful herb.


What’s in our formulas and why do they work so well?

Sleep Well helps calm the mind and the “Shen” (Spirit) and helps balance your system with adaptogenic (Chinese) Schizandra Berry, Nervines Passion Flower and “Hops” (Humulus lupus), as well as Ayurvedic Gotu Kola and Virgin Sage from the tropics.

Recommended dosage: Take 40 drops in water ½ hour before bedtime and keep nearby for use in the night if necessary.

Strong Defense is best used during times of stress or when you feel a cold or other illness coming on. Echinacea and Astragalus are two powerful herbs with phenolic compounds to boost immunity, together with Reishi mushroom (ganodermalucidum). This tincture also includes anti-inflammatory tropical herbs Ginger (to release pathogens through better digestion and sweating), Tumeric and Pau d’arco, which is a strong antibacterial/antivira. Chinese Rais de Lovage (Ligusticumwallichi) expels pathogens and relieves pain, especially headache, and Glycerhizzaglabra helps fight infection and deliver the herbs in this formula to the right places in the body.

Recommended dosage: 40 drops every hour when symptoms first occur, for the first day, then 4 times per day if symptoms persist; or 40 drops 2 times per day as a preventative and to increase immunity during cold/flu season or when feeling run-down.

AmaTierra Integrative HerbsJoint-Eze helps stiff joints from rheumatism or arthritis by calming inflammation, managing pain, promoting circulation and reducing the effects of “wind” in the body. This formula contains salix alba (white willow bark) which moves blood and contains salicylic acid (present in aspirin). From the Ayurvedic pharmacy, this tincture also includes Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Tulsi (Holy Basil, Occimum sanctum), Tumeric and Ginger, all anti-inflammatory herbs. Fang feng (ledebouriella) is an important herb in the Chinese formulary, plus North American Prickly Ash bark (Zanthoxylumamericanum) to increase circulation.

Recommended dosage: 40 drops in water as needed.

Menstrual-Eze is a special blend of Chinese, tropical and north American herbs which work together to help regulate menstruation and relieve pain. The herbs in this formula strengthen the kidneys, increase levels of progesterone, ease blood flow, increase circulation and provide pain relief.

Recommended dosage: Begin taking this formula 10 days before menstruation, 40 drops in water 4 times per day. Dosage can be increased to every 2 hours if there is pain.

Calm Colon Formula:  This mixture of Chinese herbs in capsule or powder form has been proven to be effective for IBS and IBD patients in a study published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). It is safe and can be taken daily for those who suffer from bowel problems.

Recommended dosage: 3-4 capsules, 3-4 times per day. Calm Colon can be used sporadically when there are symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea or gas/bloating, or daily as an ongoing aid for chronic intestinal problems.

About Jill Ruttenberg, Registered Herbalist, AmaTierra Integrative Herbs

Jill is a professional clinical herbalist with 20+ years experience, formally certified as a practitioner from East-West School of Herbology and registered as a professional herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild (USA). As Founder and Wellness Director of AmaTierra Retreat Center, Jill’s herbal tinctures and proprietary powder formulas are made from fine-quality, Traditional Chinese herbs, as well as North American and tropical herbs, many grown organically on the land at AmaTierra.

Jill is available for herbal consultations to help with diet concerns and health issues. Schedule an appointment at AmaTierra, or Contact her at or call 2419-0110 to schedule your consult today.

Testimonials about Integrative Herbs

Jill, I want to thank you again for the amazing 4-day yoga retreat. The space was magical. I have to tell you the Joint-Eze, that I purchased was incredible! I have arthritis in both hips and had my right hip replaced 6 months ago. Over the past 5 months, I have been gradually returning to exercise and normal activities. Usually, If I over-do it I experience soreness in my hips. At your suggestion, day 1 of the retreat I started using Joint- Eze. 40 drops in water. I attended 3-4 yoga/pilates/barre classes per day, hiked up and down a mountain and climbed up and down the long steps to my room several times a day. NO SORENESS!!!!!!
Could not believe it. I am so happy.
Thank you.

Sincerely,  Erin O’Driscoll Kahn RN, MA — March 2017

Thank you, Jill Ruttenberg, for creating Sleep Well, an amazing herbal remedy that has been a godsend for me!! I am so grateful.  –Lila Moore –July 2018