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  • Amanda

    Some great information here! Thank you!

  • Tina Roja Smith

    I’m in total agreement with you Jill especially your comment about cringing when you see mommy’s cell phone in the tiny hands of a toddler. The statistics help us to understand just how serious this problem is.
    I know Jill personally and I can tell you that she’s not just preaching but walking her talk here! She’s very concerned about this dysfunction and is reaching out to help everyone that she can reach.
    Thank you Jill for this most informative blog.

    • Jill Ruttenberg

      I am glad you found this information helpful. Thank you for your kind words as well. Yes, I am genuinely concerned.

  • Tryshe Dhevney

    Thank you so much for your insights. It becomes so easy in a group-think kind of way, to avoid self reflection. The devices really aren’t the issue, addiction is. It’s subtle, patient and dedicated to one thing only…separation…from our essence, our vulnerability, our depth of feeling, our greatness. The change, if it’s to happen, is ours to make. I love your tips. Thanks for stirring this pot. It’s a message for our time.

  • Marsha Friedman

    Jill excellent blog, lots of important information and great ideas. Thank you.

  • Kathryn

    Wow I didn’t know some countries ban phones for children under 14! I see the problem all around me with the younger generation. It’s a pretty sad situation. It’s hard for parents to monitor their children since they are addicted too. I have noticed the more I am off the computer & phone the stronger I feel. Thanks Jill for such an informative article.

  • Terry

    Jill, I agree with much of what you posted. That being said, I am writing this on my cell phone. The upside of using our phones is that I can stay in closer contact with friends in other parts of the US and in other countries. The key is using good judgment with technology.

  • Lisa Morris

    Digital detox is an absolute neccessity. Thank you Jill for raising awareness on this issue!!

  • Alyce

    Jill, I so agree with you on all points especially being in the NOW. I find many people think they are missing out on something if they are not checking their devices constantly. What they are missing is being fully present in the moment! Also, as a long time educator, over many years I have observed the growing “power” technology has over children…their imaginations, their ability to think for themselves or “outside the box”, and their ability to collaborate and communicate verbally with eye contact. Quite disheartening. Jill, Thanks for all of these reminders!

  • Lila Moore

    Thanks, Jill, for describing so clearly an issue that many of us grapple with, and most importantly, offering some concrete solutions — your specialty!!

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