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  • Julie Haugstad

    After a 4-week stay (just returned home), I can say that my body and mind have recovered from my long-term Covid symptoms. What a wonderful place to recover (after a negative test). Jill, Bob and the entire staff take such good care of everyone. I have also done a 7-day yoga package and a 5-day detox in the past and walked out feeling very refreshed. Whatever length of stay you can manage, I recommend spending time in their care.

    • Cathy Howard

      Julie, I am so envious. I had COVID early May: no fever so I stayed home and took care of my breathing (asthmatic). Little did I know that I would still be feeling the effects, mostly the terrible fatigue. The foggy brain and the 24/7 sleeping have gotten better, but I can’t imagine having an energetic lifestyle again. After much contemplation today, I came to the conclusion that I’m also pretty needy in Spirit. When I read you note, I thought “Oh WOW”, if only.

      I’m happy you had this opportunity.

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