AmaTierra is proud to partner with Amanda Rose Designs. We offer Amanda’s hand-painted yoga shirts, pants and tote bags for sale in our gift shop and also through her web site. Amanda has been painting for over 20 years. Her primary medium is acrylic, but she has worked in oils, water colors and even tattoo ink. Her art is available in either original/commissioned paintings or prints which can be purchased from Amanda Rose Design Studio.
Original greeting cards with her beautiful flower designs, and yoga-inspired shirts, pants and tote bags are all offered. 
Amanda can also develop your customized design. See Amanda Rose Design Studio to order.
Wearing one of Amanda’s items of clothing becomes wearing a work of art, and what’s more, you are helping the AmaTierra Foundation buy uniforms for San Pablo children who otherwise might not attend school.



These t-shirts are screen printed and painted by hand, so each shirt is unique. The t-shirts are 100% Cotton and available in different designs, colors and sizes, please inquire regarding pricing and shirts available.



The Hand Painted yoga inspired canvas tote bag features an Om in Lotus design. The Om symbol is said to represent the one-ness of all creation, and the lotus blossom represents the heart opening.

The bag is 100% Cotton with a zipper top, and an interior zippered pocket. It is a large tote, measuring 22″ x 15″ x 5″. The natural tote bag is available as well as the black bag with a variety of color options for the Om in Lotus design, including gold, silver, purple, green and red. Other colors may be available, please contact for more info.

NEW Om in the Lotus DESIGN !!!



This Notecard Gift set would make a wonderful gift for a special person in your life. The set includes 12 cards, 2 prints of each of the 6 original prints of acrylic paintings. Printed on heavy card-stock, they are approx. 4.25″x6″ and come with envelopes. The set is presented in a clear box. Contact for more info.