In these last few years, many of us have gained some unwanted pounds or have gotten into some unhealthy habits that leave us feeling sluggish. With our new 5 Day Detox-at-Home Program, you can clean out, reset, feel more energized, and begin anew to get back in shape.

As AmaTierra’s resident nutritionist/herbalist, I’m delighted to offer you a simple and concise E-book to guide you through AmaTierra’s signature 5-day detox. Yours to keep, you can use this program at home, anytime, and as many times as you like.

What’s included in the Ebook program?  Based on my 17 years of leading people through the detox program, I offer nutrient-dense food options with plenty of antioxidants and herbs that support your body and give you variety during the 5 days.  

The Ebook has everything you need to guide you, day by day through the cleanse:

your daily regimen, a shopping list of foods and supplements, recipes, and nutritional videos. You’ll learn a Taoist abdominal massage method, have access to nutrition videos and practical stress relieving techniques to ‘Curb emotional eating,’ and to help you stay on track when the detox is over.

Generally, during these five days (or extend to seven if you wish) you will be eating fresh fruits and vegetables, soups and juices, and supporting your body with herbal teas and supplements which cleanse the whole body: digestive tract, liver, kidneys and skin.

–Jill Ruttenberg, Registered Herbalist, AHG

“AmaTierra’s Detox at Home program was a powerful blend of cleansing techniques, that gave me a much needed cleanse for my body, and clarity in my mind.  Jill is a wonderful source of information, easily delivered and relevant to each individual. –Ann B., Chicago Il.

How does the Virtual Detox (at home) work? You will receive a list of foods and supplements to purchase in advance,

along with specific instructions, recipes for detox teas, smoothies, and the foods you will be eating.

Read on to hear Jill answers to questions commonly asked about detoxing:

Q:Why detox? 

A:“Well, we brush our teeth, wash the outsides of our bodies and wash our cars, right? So why wouldn’t we want to occasionally clean our insides too? While our bodies have built-in detoxification organs and methods, it is a good idea to help those along once in a while. Toxins from our food, water and air(exotoxins), as well as those our bodies create (endotoxins) from poor habits, stress and oxidation can be harmful to all our systems. After the five day detox, clients often report clearer skin, a sharper mind, better digestion, weight loss, calmer moods, relief from muscle and joint pain, better sleep and increased energy. Who doesn’t want that?”

Q: Is it a fast? Will I be super hungry?

A: “You will not be fasting, and you will be eating solid foods, but you can choose to have 1-2 days of only liquids (herbal teas, smoothies, pureed soups, broths & juices) if you wish. I believe in supporting the body with easily digestible foods and lots of fresh water, and I find that adding some plant protein and natural fats such as nuts and avocado actually helps the detox process and counteracts light-headedness. Most people report feeling satiated even though they are consuming mostly fruits and vegetables during the cleanse.”

The Detox at Home E-book includes:

Fees for Detox at Home: $250 (special introductory Ebook offer $190) Payable via Paypal or Credit Card. The first 50 people get $50 off!

To purchase the 5 Day Detox at Home, click here

A percentage of the fees goes to the AmaTierra Foundation to support the San Pablo community.

Ready for a complete getaway reset? See the option for AmaTierra’s On-Site Detox (In Costa Rica)

 You’ll have lots of support during this program, but it’s also fun to Detox with a friend, so please share this announcement with your group. 

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Jill is a unique personality with so much knowledge and experience, but more importantly, personable and caring, listening to your needs. The Detox meals are well-planned with an effort to create variety so you will not be bored eating the same foods every day. I have returned a much calmer person with so many tips on how to handle stress in my every day life. — Anita, September 2022