From Time to time our bodies need a break, a fresh start to give us more energy and embark upon a healthier path. Detoxing does not need to be the same for everyone; At AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness Center, we know that all bodies are not alike and this is why we treat each person as an individual and custom-design your detox protocol. In order to know what kind of cleanse is best for you, you must consider many things:

What are you eating now, prior to cleansing? If your diet is not particularly healthy (meaning you eat a lot of carbs or sugar, saturated fats or fast foods and drink caffeine or alcohol regularly) throwing yourself into a strict regimen of juicing/liquids would be too much for your system to handle. The popular “master cleanse” of water, maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper for up to 21 days may yield some good results but is not a healthy option for most people as there is no nourishment, no support for your body with this fast and what is really happening is ketosis: your body’s stores of glycogen are quickly depleted and you are burning your own body fat as fuel which, if prolonged, can lead to problems. A good detox program will support your body’s natural detoxification processes with supplements, herbs and the right foods for your body.

Your blood sugar situation in itself is an indicator of what kind of detox is suitable for you. If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar, indicated by yawning after eating sugar, needing to eat frequently so as not to feel shaky or nauseated) you will do best with a minimum of fruit juices, as these can spike insulin levels and be counter-productive to cleansing. If you are in this category, you’d be best to add some protein/green shakes and supplements and foods that keep blood sugar levels even throughout the day.

The fresh foods, juices, herbs and supplements we use to help your body detoxify are also an individual matter. Some bodies need an emphasis on liver cleansing, others to cleanse the blood along with the digestive tract. What I often see in my herbal/nutrition practice are thin people, especially those with vegetarian or vegan diets, who are deficient and still believe they need to keep on detoxing. The truth is, they actually need to build their systems, fortify their bodies and not cleanse at all until they become stronger.

As you can see, knowing what kind of regimen is right for you depends on your body type, your goals and previous diet, and is not easy to determine. Good naturopathic doctors, professional herbalists and nutritionists — those with experience in detoxing– can be very helpful in guiding you to making a new start with a cleaner body.

It is also best to participate in a detox program away from your daily environment. AmaTierra’s tropical rainforest setting, teeming with the sounds and sights of nature, clean air and pure water provides all the healing energy you need, an ideal atmosphere in which to unravel layers of stress. You will re-enter your home life knowing a more relaxed and clear-minded version of your True Self.

We would be happy to guide you in this healthy endeavor. To learn more about AmaTierra’s group and individual detox sessions, please see


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