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With all the toxicity in the world today, our bodies need a break from time to time – a fresh start to re-energize and embark upon a healthier path. AmaTierra offers special 5-night and 7-night detox programs for those seeking to cleanse and purify in a safe way, guided by a certified natural health professional in a serene and beautiful environment.  The 5 night detox can also be done as an online do-it-yourself program with professional guidance.

AmaTierra’s quiet rainforest environment offers the ideal setting for rejuvenation and restoration. The sounds of nature instill the ambiance around you with a calm serenity to disentangle any stress in your mind, allowing you to cleanse your entire being.

Generally, during these five (or seven) days you will be eating fresh fruits and vegetables and supporting your body with herbal teas and supplements which cleanse the whole body: digestive tract, liver, kidneys, skin and blood. For the home detoxers, we provide detailed menus and a shopping list, as well as guidance for the supplements and herbs.

If you’re joining the detox on-site here in Costa Rica you will likely be eating fruits and plant-based protein smoothies for breakfast that have plenty of fiber (flax, psyllium husk and chia seeds, and fresh greens) and ginger, tumeric and lemon grown right here on our farm. Your detox is a collaboration between you and our nutritionist/herbalist, and may include a day or two of just liquids, but other meals are usually vegetable-based soups, steamed veggies and salads. A 4 pm snack might be a handful of nuts, some raw vegetables or a juice. We combine a variety of herbs, some grown at AmaTierra, into a tea that you drink a few times per day. There is a lot of individual attention given to ensure that each guest has the experience and outcome that is best for YOUR body. We hope to see you soon for the virtual or in-person detox program!!!

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Our Detox Philosophy

AmaTierra approaches detox with the mentality that different people require different types of cleansing with respect to their unique bodies and respective lifestyles. Call it different strokes for different folks. We cater your detox program to suit your body type, physical constitution, lifestyle and diet.

Some people do well with juice fasting, while others need more nutritional support, for example. Some may need a focus on liver cleansing, others on the colon or kidneys. Registered AHG Herbalist, AmaTierra Owner and Wellness Director Jill Ruttenberg works with you personally to guide you through your detox program. You’ll feel safe and nurtured, knowing that your program is specifically designed for you.

The body does not exist separate from our thoughts, emotions and spiritual state of being. Feeling supported in a serene environment conducive for contemplation and rejuvenation of your whole Self is very important when cleansing. AmaTierra’s tropical rainforest setting, emanating “Beloved Earth” energy with all the life, sounds and sights of nature, provides the ideal atmosphere for you to unravel layers of stress from the inside-out. Following your detox program, you will re-enter your life at home knowing a more relaxed and clear-minded version of your True Self.

For a deeper understanding of our holistic, personalized detox philosophy and learn the type of detoxing that may be best for you, read this article written by Jill Ruttenberg, Registered Herbalist & Nutritionist, AmaTierra Owner & Wellness Director.

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Key Elements of AmaTierra’s Detox Program:

  • Initial Private Consultation and Daily Check-in with Registered Herbalist/Nutritionist Jill Ruttenberg or other Qualified Health Professional
  • Fresh, Organic Raw Foods & Juices
  • Herbal Teas and Cleansing Drinks for Whole Body Cleansing
  • Daily Gentle Yoga and Meditation Classes
  • Sound Meditation Session to Balance the Chakras


Additional Wellness Treatments and Body Therapies, including:

  • Relaxing One-Hour Full Body Massage by AmaTierra Spa & Wellness Professional
  • Optional Enemas (e.g. lemon juice or coffee) with step-by-step instructions
  • Aromatherapy Baths using Pure, Organic DoTerra Essential Oils
  • Skin Brushing (Did you know your skin is the largest detox organ in the body?)
  • Unlimited Use of the BioMat to move toxins through the lymph system, increase circulation and soothe nerves, joints and muscles.

Optional Therapies & Activities:

  • Counseling Sessions with Licensed Professional Therapists
  • Clay Wraps and/or Exfoliation
  • Massage & Wellness Services
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Aromatherapy Baths using Pure Organic DoTerra Essential Oils
  • A Beach Day, Waterfall Visit, Rainforest Exploration or Zipline Tour
  • Spirit of the Horse Reflection Day at Sweet Prince Ranch


Standard Personalized Detox Program Includes:

  • 5 or 7 nights lodging in a spacious, comfortable suite with private bath
  • All juices, herbal detox teas and meals made with local and organic ingredients
  • Initial consultation and daily check-ins with a qualified health professional
  • Daily yoga class and meditation
  • A relaxing one-hour full body massage by AmaTierra Spa & Wellness professional
  • Nutrition and Stress Relief Classes
  • A healthy plan for continuing to eat and live well when you leave AmaTierra


  • Scheduled use of Gemstone Mat (unlimited) and the Migun Massager

How to get started on your way to a Cleaner, Clearer Self

First, think about what you really want to achieve from a detox, and be sure you are doing it to enhance your health, rid your body of accumulated toxins and make a new start toward healthier living. Detoxing is not a healthy way to lose weight, as lasting weight loss requires diligence and lifestyle changes; however, our program can help jumpstart this kind of meaningful change in your life.

Second, inquire about availability for the time you would like to come. Individual Detox is offered at AmaTierra all year long with the exception of the month of October and peak high-season dates December 20 through January 3. Scheduled detox retreats are offered from time to time for you to join a group of others committed to detoxing the right way (see our retreat calendar to find a detox week that works with your schedule).

Upon booking, we will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out and return to us, after which you will receive suggestions on preparing for your detox program.

From all of us at AmaTierra, we applaud you for taking health matters into your own hands and having the desire to make a change that will improve your quality of life for years to come.

All-Inclusive Detox Program Price:

Please note: The in-house detox retreats are only offered at certain times. March 14-19, 2024 is our next detox.
The price for 5 Night Detox Single Package is $1450 and the double price is $1295 per person (sharing a room)
All hotel taxes are included. Rates are valid through 2023.
Are you wanting to detox with professional guidance at home?
Special Group Detox Retreats are offered a few times per year at AmaTierra.   See more here.

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*Transportation is not included in this price. We are happy to arrange private transportation for an additional cost.

“I was lucky to have found and chosen this incredible stay at AmaTierra. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I needed a reset physically and mentally and decided to go for the Detox retreat. I will say this was the easiest and most enjoyable detox because of the environment, the wonderful staff, and the delicious food.
Everyone at this resort is so friendly and attentive. I felt so welcome and at home. The food was SO GOOD! I bought their cookbook because it was so good. I slept like a baby in my room. So peaceful and comfortable. I loved my whole experience here and I want to come back at least every other year because it was so amazing.
I can’t wait to come back! I highly recommend AmaTierra if you are looking for a cleansing, healing, and relaxing experience that is so necessary for all of us.”

“I cannot express in words just how grateful I am to have discovered Amatierra, and to have had the opportunity to come stay here for a week. I have done other week-long wellness retreats in the past, and nothing compares to what Bob and Jill (the owners) offer at their magical, sacred, stunning location above the mountain jungle canopy. Between the lush, fresh, healing food their staff creates for you, to the personal relationships forged, to the attention to detail, to the treatments and activities on offer, to the natural surroundings themselves – every aspect served to heal and change my life for the better in every way: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, psychically. I did the week long wellness / detox package (which comes with all meals and a massage, two yoga classes a day, as well as a comprehensive health and wellness consult with Jill, who is an herbalist and healer, among many other credentials), and I left feeling restored, empowered, embodied, and reset. Yoga is done in the most majestic open area studio over looking the valley, and all meals are taken in a similar setting on a gorgeous patio. I opted to buy another massage, as well as another incredible healing session. This place is a singular, special place, one that attracts incredible people to come work and stay here. I can’t say enough good things about the entire experience, and I cant wait to return to Amatierra to see Bob, Jill, and their entire gorgeous, kind, intuitive, empathetic staff! Highly, highly recommend in every way.”
As a seasoned retreater, Costa Rica was further afield than usual for a detox. But so, so worth it. The owners Jill and Bob cannot do enough to support you in every way through the detox process. The retreat is heaven – hidden away from the masses, high up in the jungle, surrounded by the mind-blowing scenery and nature. The yoga studio is the highlight with breathtaking views. Jill’s knowledge and experience is second to none. The staff could not be friendlier. The organic food was nourishing and nurturing and the treatments outstanding. With time to do excursions to waterfalls, a rainforest trek and a zip-lining adventure through the canopy of the rainforest all organised by Bob, I didn’t want to leave but came back feeling transformed with a new lease of life. Can’t wait to return!

I arrived at AmaTierra feeling like a physical wreck. A mere seven days later I felt better than I had for years. I was literally rejuvenated. I did the detox package (mainly because I wanted to give up smoking) but the experience was so very much more. I could wander round the grounds watching toucans, humming birds and butterflies. I could do yoga or meditate in the extraordinary yoga space, with its views to the hills. (Also good for birdwatching). I ate delicious, organic, healthy-but-sinful-tasting meals on the terrace, watched by iguanas. I had amazing wellness treatments. I was made to feel not like a mere guest, but like a (slightly eccentric) member of the family. And I’m still not smoking, am not tempted to smoke, and I still feel the warm glow of AmaTierra.

Larallie – Gouex, France