• * Sound Therapy Tune-up: Re-balance your chakras (energy centers), raise the vibratory level of your entire Being, and address specific areas of concern through the use of Quartz “singing bowls” and other sound tools. Come away feeling Light and Balanced. $80
  • Aromatouch Special Treatment:  60 minute personalized aromatherapy massage treatement with doTerra Organic Essential Oils. Reduce stress, balance your nervous system, reduce inflammation, enjhance immunity and detoxify your body. $95
  • Reiki Treatment: Feel the flood of Life Force Energy re-entering your body with this simple, natural and effective Japanese healing technique  $90.
  • Intuitive Healing Session:  Experience a deeper kind of healing that recognizes psycho-spiritual issues that may be blocking your path to optimal physical or emotional health. Depending on the practitioner, a few different techniques of Spiritual Healing may be used: hands-on, hands-off, chanting, sharing intuitive information for greater understanding and shifting the energy for a more positive result.     $90
  • Emotion Code: Using Applied Kinesiology, find specific emotions that have been trapped in the body, and release them. Emerge feeling freer and more centered, utilizing the energy that was once being used to hold those emotions to advance rapid healing. 75 + minutes: $105.
*These therapies are subject to availability of certain practitioners. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and we appreciate advance notice if you would like these therapies.

There are many ways to raise your vibration. Watching this video right now will uplift your Spirit and give you a sense of the Energy here at AmaTierra.