5 night Self-discovery Retreat with Veronica Entwistle and Jill Ruttenberg

Are you ready for a change in 2016? Many of us are finding that the old ways of thinking are not serving us anymore, that we keep running old tapes but have trouble changing them. We’re often left feeling stuck with a tangled garden of trapped emotions and programmed responses that don’t always come from our most conscious Self.

In this 5 day/night retreat led by two intuitive healers, we will create a safe and compassionate environment, immersed in nature, with yoga, movement, meditation and special exercises. Here we can tap into the parts of the self and body that may be suffering, follow the energy, and pull out the old beliefs, fears, questions and reactions that we find there.

Once you are free from the old reactions that often clutter our ability to receive Higher Guidance, you will be able to develop your intuition so it can guide our spiritual evolution. Your intuition has been right here with you all along, but is often hidden because of timidity, judgments or suspicion. Let’s bring it out! – unwinding our psyches and awakening ourselves to the ever-present signs, symbols and messages of LIFE ! These 6 days will be a life changing time of powerful healing for you. AND we’ll all have fun in the process!

This will be a highly personalized 5 night retreat with two seasoned guides: Veronica Entwistle, Intuitive and Energy counselor, media personality & author of the book My Near Life Experience, and Jill Ruttenberg, herbalist, massage therapist & energy healer.


    This is a unique opportunity to learn to connect stronger to your Divine Guidance, aided by the serenity and healing energies of the Tropical Rainforest at AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness Center

  • Joining with other like-minded people, we’ll explore ways to “Change the Program: Change the Belief: Change your Frequency” and work through pieces of your identity to shed whatever might be in the way of your listening and opening a clearer channel to Source.

Your 5 night Retreat includes:


    Lodging in private casita with full bath

  • 3 Delicious Organic Meals per day
  • Airport Transfers
  • An excursion to the Pacific Beach
  • Journey to a nearby Waterfall
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Energy evaluation upon arrival and before departure
  • All workshops

(space limited to 12 people, reserve by 1/15/2016 and save $50.)

Fee for the Retreat:
Per person, Double occupancy $ 1350
Single. (singles are limited) $ 1495
Please call 1-866-659-3805 (toll free from U.S.) or click here:

“These days are times to strengthen our own inner power and light to contribute our gifts in dynamic ways, to help lift humanity out of chaos and turmoil.”