Join William Milligan, MD, a holistically oriented Family Medicine practitioner who combines Medical Qi Gong and Eden Energy Medicine.

Dr. Milligan is a long time practitioner of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine which incorporates several modalities (meridian system, chakras & others) to maintain and strengthen the body’s immune system. Aside from helping you with your own energy regimen, Dr. Milligan will be teaching Donna’s “FIVE MINUTE DAILY ROUTINE” each day; it is designed to help the body metabolize and cope with today’s environmental stressors, be they toxins, contaminants, excessive electromagnetic energy, food additives or a host of hundreds of others which we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Dr Milligan’s latest work is with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, using simple techniques to help move the chemo out of the body once it has done its work. This is beneficial in limiting the duration of side effects, often cutting them by fifty percent or more.

If you are a health practitioner or someone who wants to learn exercises to balance your own energy field and maintain a strong immune system in the face of a never ending environmental assault confronting us, this is an opportunity to learn the basics on Energy Medicine, Donna Eden style, which gives you the simple tools to move the toxins and contaminants out of the body in a fast, efficient and cost effective way.

This 5 night retreat includes:

    • Lodging in double private casitas
    • All Meals while on AmaTierra Property
    • All Hotel Taxes
    • Airport Transfers
    • Yoga & Meditation Classes
    • Daily Energy Exercises
    • 2 Private Sessions with Dr. Milligan for your own specific Energy program
    • A Full Day Excursion to the Pacific Beach
    • Limited Single lodging available for $200 more


Energy Medicine Retreat Fee: $1175.

William Milligan, MD has practiced medicine in the U.S., Mexico and Canada and had a private practice in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for 25 years. Always interested in holistic medicine, Dr. Milligan studied with Qi Kung Master Faxhing Huo for three years, and has spent six years studying with internationally recognized Energy Medicine expert Donna Eden. Splitting his time between Wilmington NC and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Dr. (“Bill”) Milligan is a medical advisor to AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness Center. His hobbies include African drumming, photography, and travel writing. He currently shares his life with his partner, Yndiana Montes, a noted journalist and videographer from Caracas, Venezuela. Aside from Bill’s Energy Medicine Practice, he and Yndiana work on projects to help promote ecotourism, sustainable living, and alternative medicine in Mexico.” 

A word about Energy Medicine:

In the modern world in which we live, unseen energies such as those from airborne and waterborne pollutants, computers, cell and remote phones and geopathic stress result in diminished energy flow inside our bodies. It is of utmost importance to learn to clear these unhealthy vibrations out of our fields, and to support our systems to be able to better handle the onslaught of these disruptions. When we have been exposed to strong chemicals such as used in chemotherapy, the toxic energy gets lodged in our organs, in particular, the liver and kidneys. Hands on energy work and developing one’s own energy practice can greatly transform the otherwise draining effects of these toxins, and lead us to a stronger immune system and a healthier body

We hope you will join us at AmaTierra March 2-7 to learn these dynamic techniques that will help you thrive in this modern age.

Reserve your space now via email for the Energy Medicine Retreat or by calling 1-866-659-3805 (toll free from the U.S.)