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  • Jan

    Hi Jill
    Even though you and I live in Costa Rica and technically it is not Spring, does this detox info above still pertain to us.

    • Jill Ruttenberg

      You bring up an interesting question, Jan. If we were living across the world in, say, Australia, our bodies would be attuned to the spring there which would be fall in NorthAmerica.
      The temperate tropical zones don’t really have spring or fall, just wet and dry, as you know, and they do call the wet season “winter” around here. And yet, the trees are blossoming, new growth is coming up when the rains begin, and so this time of the year right now could be arguably spring. I also believe that those of us who come from NorthAmerica are quite programmed in our bodies to feel this time of year as spring. I’ve put the question to a few of my mentors and teachers/ we’ll see what they say!
      Thanks for reading…Jill

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