Sustainable property

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

The owners and staff of AmaTierra are dedicated to supporting the local Costa Rican community and protecting the natural environment, reducing waste and conserving, reusing and recycling resources. Much of our produce used in the kitchen comes directly from AmaTierra’s farm – including organic gardens, hydroponic greenhouse and free-range chickens for eggs. The AmaTierra Foundation is committed to helping the local town of San Pablo meet basic needs in education, environment and waste management.

Our name, AmaTierra, loosely translated as “Beloved Earth”, embodies the belief that human beings exist as part of the delicate web of nature and, as vital members of the Earth community, must be conscious in minimizing our impact on the Earth’s ecosystems, especially in a place with so much diversity. Virtually 5-6% of all the plant and animal species on the earth are found here in Costa Rica.

Nature, Wildlife and Birding at AmaTierra

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

AmaTierra is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with three lush acres of mountain forest – home to two types of toucans and hundreds of varieties of birds and butterflies. The white-face monkeys swing between the trees in the early mornings, and scarlet macaws squawk as they fly across the valley. A stream, hiking trails with stunning views, dozens of mango trees and reforested pochote hardwood are all part of AmaTierra’s tropical ecology.

Meditate immersed in nature. Visit the nearby waterfall for a refreshing soak in crystal fresh waters. waters. Relax in a hammock in the shade or poolside in the sun. Let the scents, sounds and healing energies of nature soothe your soul.

Committed to rainforest conservation and sustainable agriculture, herbalist owner Jill Ruttenberg has created an organic garden, hydroponic greenhouse and an atmosphere of discovery for learning about and healing with tropical plant medicine. Jill offers educational herb walks for you to learn about the plants and their many medicinal uses.

In the evenings after dinner, take a movie back to your room from our wide DVD library, or curl up with a good book. Remember what it’s like to rest in the peace and quiet of nature outside your window.

At AmaTierra, give yourself time for reflection, meditation, and renewal.

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals