Wellness Services at AmaTierra

AmaTierra offers life-enhancing therapies to rejuvenate Mind, Body and Spirit. We use only the best botanical products and highly professional therapists.


Massage Therapy

  • De-Stress & Relax with Aromatherapy: a 60 minute relaxing massage customized for your body’s needs and designed to release tension: The Classic Massage: $90
  • Deep Tissue or Sports Massage: a 60 minute massage that works deep to ease knots in muscles and fascia. Sports massage is similar and focuses more on limbs and stretches. $90
  • *Special Treatments: At times AmaTierra is privileged to offer various select treatments such as Shamanic energy work, Reiki, and Thai Massage. Please inquire at front desk to see if any of these are available during your stay.
  • Aromatouch Special Treatment:  60 minute personalized aromatherapy massage treatement with doTerra Organic Essential Oils. Reduce stress, balance your nervous system, reduce inflammation, enjhance immunity and detoxify your body. $95

Energy Balancing Therapy

  • * Sound Therapy Tune-up: Re-balance your chakras (energy centers), raise the vibratory level of your entire Being, and address specific areas of concern through the use of Quartz “singing bowls” and other sound tools. Come away feeling Light and Balanced. $90

Detoxification Therapy

  • Ear Candling: Detoxify sinuses and ear canals with this safe, effective process. You will feel clear and hear better! $40
  • Exfoliation Scrub: Choose from Green Tea or Lemon/Coconut salt scrub. Removes dead skin cells for healthier, softer skin. Light massage follows this treatment. Ask about our luscious Chocolate Mask for the Face. 75 minutes. $125
  • Wraps: Choose between 2 different offerings: 1) A special mud/clay from Costa Rica’s volcanoes (recommended for normal to oily skin types) 2) Dead Sea Minerals Toning wrap, for normal to dry skin and cellulite removal. Both draw toxins out through the skin and leave you feeling oh..so…soft. Plan to become a burrito, wrapped snugly for 20 minutes while the minerals do their work. 90 minutes. $125

*Nutritional/Mind-Body and Special Services


*The Bio-Mat: A Bed of Amethyst Crystals for Healing. Experience the strength of the powerful far-infrared rays, soothing your muscles and nerves; generated through a mat of Amethyst Crystals, powerful healing properties of negative ions. 20 minutes. $15 or 4 sessions for $45.

The Bio-mat: Amethyst Crystals and Far infrared rays unwind knotted muscles


  • *Nutritional/ Herbal Consultation: Make a new start and address health issues that perhaps have been ignored. Perhaps you are looking to change your diet, or discuss what supplements might enhance your health. In an in-depth session that can take up to 1.5 hours, registered herbalist Jill Ruttenberg (AHG) will guide you toward lifestyle changes and a treatment protocol to set you on the right track. $105.

What to expect on your visit & treatment protocol >

  • *Mind/Body Counseling & the Equine Experience: Psychotherapists Mark and Marsha Friedman can help you re-reframe negative thinking and learn better communication skills to transform engrained patterns. The end result is a healthier self-image and more joyful interactions with others.For a unique experience with horses that will increase your self-awareness, Inquire about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, a fun way to get to know yourself in the presence of beautiful Horse-Beings! Advance notice required.

Mini-Spa Treatments

  • * Hands & Feet Treat:  Aromatherapy foot bath, exfoliating scrub & massage  30 minutes  $45
  • *Head, Neck & Shoulders: 30 minute massage relaxes tension, clears the head! $40  Add Aroma Foot Bath for a luxurious soak $15
  • *We’ve Got your Back!:  30 minutes aroma treatment for the back, neck and shoulders $45
  • *Uplifting Facial:  35 minute galvanic current treatment purifies, revitalizes, and keeps the signs of aging at bay. Try twice during your stay for best results. $55
  • * Aromatherapy Foot Bath: Pamper tired feet and remove accumulated toxins in a bath of Epsom salts and doTerra Aromatherapy Oils. Foot massage follows: $30
  • *Manicure: Done at the pool or go into town for a special cultural experience at the salon $15
  • * Pedicure: Also at the pool or in town $25

*Please make appointments at least on day in advance at the front desk or by phone. Arrive on time; sessions will end at scheduled time. If you cancel your treatment fewer than 12 hours in advance, you will be charged as follows:  6-12 hours prior: 50% of the fee; 0-6 hours prior: full price of the session. We appreciate your cooperation.

*Denotes services offered only by specialists and subject to their availability.

*AmaTierra often has visiting practitioners who specialize in such therapies as Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Thai Massage and Myofascial Release Therapy. Please inquire about these specialized treatments when you arrive.

Coming soon: 

Acupuncture, Positive Re-patterning, Bio-feedback & more State of the Art Mind-Body Therapies


Please make appointments at least one day in advance at the front desk or call +(506)2419-0110.

* Denotes services offered only by specialists, and are subject to their availability.