Wellness Services at AmaTierra

A Person is much more than a collection of bones, tissue and cells. We contain pure Life force energy within us. At AmaTierra, we help you keep that energy radiant by balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of the Human Being.  We use only the best botanical products and highly professional therapists under the guidance of Registered Herbalist and Nutritionist Jill Ruttenberg (AHG).

In our holistic therapies, we draw upon the abundance of nature and timeless knowledge of medicinal plants and body treatments, using proprietary herbal combinations and healing modalities that are safe and effective, to help restore balance to the whole Being.

In addition to Spa Services, AmaTierra offers organized Retreats such as this Sound Healing Retreat. See this Video to get a good idea of the Energy here at AmaTierra


AmaTierra’s Holistic Wellness Program

AmaTierra follows a holistic approach to health improvement through yoga, meditation, relaxation, nutrition and natural treatments and remedies. Our health programs are designed for those who wish to lead or begin a healthy lifestyle. In signing up for the Wellness Program, you will have an individual consultation with Jill and her team. Here is what’s included:

– Nutritional & Herbal Consultation: Initial consultation where you will explore any physical issues as well as your daily habits and come away with herbal and nutritional recommendations from a health professional.  75 minutes.

–  Private Yoga lesson:  learn a routine that benefits your specific needs. 60 minutes

– Spa treatments to choose from or as recommended by your health professional. 75-90 min

–  Unlimited use of BioMat

$300 for the whole package

Massage Therapy

Relax and de-stress while you allow our professional therapists’ hands to work out the knots from your muscles and joints. Whether you like a deep tissue massage or a gentle touch with aromatherapy, you will emerge from the massage table feeling lighter and looser. See AmaTierra’s massage offerings here.

Energy Balancing Therapy

AmaTierra offers special intuitive, Reiki and other healing sessions depending on the availability of various practitioners. Popular treatments include a Sound Therapy Chakra Balance tune-up, the Emotion Code which uses magnets to release trapped emotions, and Reiki Treatments to renew the Life Force Energy of the body. Get to know more about our therapies here.

Nutritional/ Herbal Consultation

Make a new start and address health issues that perhaps have been ignored in a session with our registered herbalist/nutritionist.  Perhaps you are looking to change your diet, or discuss what supplements might enhance your health and guide you toward lifestyle changes and a treatment protocol to set you on the right track. What to expect on your visit & treatment protocol >

Spa Treatments

Rejuvenate your skin with a “cocoon” wrap, a coconut and lemon exfoliation scrub or our special uplifting facial. These can be stand-alone treatments or short add-ons to your massage. Learn more.

Gemstone Mat

Included in AmaTierra’s 3, 5, and 7 night packages is a 30 minute session on our crystal mat. Experience the healing properties of infrared rays, negative ions and pulsed electromagnetic frequencies for whole body health.

Mind/Body Counseling & the Equine Experience

AmaTierra has the privilege of working with psychotherapists Mark and Marsha Friedman who can help you re-frame negative thinking and learn better communication skills to transform engrained patterns. The end result is a healthier self-image and more joyful interactions with others. For a unique experience with horses that will increase your self-awareness, inquire about the Equine Experience, a fun way to get to know yourself in the presence of beautiful Horse-Beings! The Equine Experience has become one of AmaTierra’s most popular and enlightening journeys. Advance notice required.


Some services are offered only by specialists and are subject to their availability. Please inquire about these specialized treatments when you arrive. Please make appointments at least on day in advance at the front desk or by phone. Arrive on time; sessions will end at scheduled time. If you cancel your treatment fewer than 12 hours in advance, you will be charged as follows:  6-12 hours prior: 50% of the fee; 0-6 hours prior: full price of the session. We appreciate your cooperation.


Please Note: All wellness and spa treatments are subject to an additional 13% sales tax as of January 1, 2020


Please make appointments at least one day in advance at the front desk or call +(506)2419-0110.