“I cannot express in words just how grateful I am to have discovered Amatierra, and to have had the opportunity to come stay here for a week. I have done other week-long wellness retreats in the past, and nothing compares to what Bob and Jill (the owners) offer at their magical, sacred, stunning location above the mountain jungle canopy. Between the lush, fresh, healing food their staff creates for you, to the personal relationships forged, to the attention to detail, to the treatments and activities on offer, to the natural surroundings themselves – every aspect served to heal and change my life for the better in every way: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, psychically. I did the week long wellness / detox package (which comes with all meals and a massage, two yoga classes a day, as well as a comprehensive health and wellness consult with Jill, who is an herbalist and healer, among many other credentials), and I left feeling restored, empowered, embodied, and reset. Yoga is done in the most majestic open area studio over looking the valley, and all meals are taken in a similar setting on a gorgeous patio. I opted to buy another massage, as well as another incredible healing session. This place is a singular, special place, one that attracts incredible people to come work and stay here. I can’t say enough good things about the entire experience, and I cant wait to return to Amatierra to see Bob, Jill, and their entire gorgeous, kind, intuitive, empathetic staff! Highly, highly recommend in every way.”

“Restorative week at Ama Tierra


One of the most beautiful and restful locations we have yet to visit. Surrounded by greenery, flowers, butterflies, tropical birds and bathing in pure spring water: what a treat for city and winter-weary folks! And the food was divine: fresh, pure, local, and seasoned…

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“Personal touches make you feel at home


I highly recommend going to AmaTierra, especially if you are a first time cleanser. I do cleanses at least once/year for different lengths, in different locations and I have been blessed with good experiences along the way, learning something new every time. My experience at…

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“The magic of Amatierra – a life-changing retreat


As a seasoned retreater, Costa Rica was further afield than usual for a detox. But so, so worth it. The owners Jill and Bob cannot do enough to support you in every way through the detox process. The retreat is heaven – hidden away from the masses, high up in the jungle, surrounded by the mind-blowing scenery and nature. The yoga studio is the highlight with breathtaking views. Jill’s knowledge and experience is second to none. The staff could not be friendlier. The organic food was nourishing and nurturing and the treatments outstanding. With time to do excursions to waterfalls, a rainforest trek and a zip-lining adventure through the canopy of the rainforest all organised by Bob, I didn’t want to leave but came back feeling transformed with a new lease of life. Can’t wait to return!

Catherine G

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“Total perfection


I stayed on a 5 day detox/yoga package and had high expectations. Amatierra totally overdelivered on every count. It’s a stunning small, super-relaxing retreat nestled in the forest/jungle and the sounds of nature (birds, frogs, crickets) were a constant soothing accompaniment to the experience. Great little pool, super food, comfortable and spacious casitas and a truly welcoming environment. It’s located in a microclimate with warm and dry weather and abundant flora. Caring advice and treatments given by Jill and her team and fantastic yoga instruction from Samantha. Transport and everything else organised effectively by Bob. I would go back in a heartbeat for detox or a regular stay.

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“Amatierra a revitalizing retreat!


I loved my time at Amatierra. I participated in yoga twice a day, meditated, ate fresh, delicious food, breathed fresh air, explored nature trails and enjoyed two whole body massages! I can’t wait to return!

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“Blissful Yoga Retreat


I had a wonderful stay at the beautiful eco-friendly yoga retreat- AmaTierra. It has an awesome staff and lovely/warm hospitality from the owners Jill & Bob. I really enjoyed all of the activities on site with my travel group (yoga, meditation, massages, nutritional tips and…


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“Detox and yoga retreat


This was one of the most fulfilling retreat I did. I wasn’t sure what to expect except that I needed rest, nurturing and energy work.
Jill and Bob are wonderful hosts. The staff makes you feel welcomed and part of the family.
Food is healthy and nutritious.
Jill is a very skilled nutritionist and herbalist. She takes care of every single aspect of your body, mind and energy. She guides you and gives appropriate counseling for each body type based on Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and nutrition.
The resort is immersed in the CR jungle, surrounded by trees, clean water and a rich fauna.
There is a powerful energy flowing that makes the experience a whole.
I highly recommend AmaTierra.


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“Yoga retreat


Perfect place the weather was great. The pool is nice which was much better than the beach. The food was delish nice not to have to decide what to eat. The wellness options are great- massage, bio-mat and various 1 on 1 options.


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“Pura Vida at it’s finest


This eco-friendly hotel offers locally sourced organic health food, a hiking trail, small swimming pool, indoor workout room, and the most gorgeous space for yoga and meditation. They offer wellness consultations and body work as well. If you need more excitement you can also make arrangements for off site trips.
The hosts are gracious and helpful and your fellow guests are generally unique individuals. The retreat is equally great for solo travelers, honeymooners and groups all due to the behind the scenes organization of the hosts/owners.


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“Perfect timing getaway


I don’t even know where to start….Bob, Jill, Vanessa, and all of the staff…Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough. You have no idea how much this trip meant to me, what an amazing experience, from the minute I was picked up at the airport to the last minute that I left, I felt so welcomed and safe, this was my first time traveling alone and I couldn’t have picked a better place. The people are wonderful, the resort is beautiful and peaceful, the food was outstanding. I didn’t want to leave! All the services were outstanding, my massage was one of the best! Doing yoga outside with that view absolutely outstanding! I left with so much more than I came with, new friends and a place I will certainly come back to and the feeling of finally being at peace! Best holiday ever!Thank you so much you’ll never know how much you all truly helped me!


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“Beautiful site to host a retreat


My colleague, Mary Campbell, and I, decided to host our retreat for women at Amatierra in March 2018. The owners, Jill and Bob, couldn’t have been more helpful in making sure we had everything we needed – private space for classes, special dietary and rooming requirements, one-of-a-kind excursions and special in-house events, and a whole variety of spa services.

They took the stress and headache out of organizing all the details, so we could focus on being there for the women on the retreat. By the end of 7 days I felt I had been on vacation, everything flowed so well.

It’s also a beautiful location on a hillside with beautiful views, in the middle of the jungle with birds, wildlife, cicadas, and huge stunning trees. Lots of hiking trails. The yoga studio is spacious and gorgeous with the same amazing views.

The casitas are simple and private, tastefully decorated and very peaceful. If you are not one for outdoor sleeping under a mosquito net, these are the perfect solution.

And finally the food! Fresh, thoughtfully done by local chefs with local foods with many international twists. Wonderful fresh fish, shrimp etc.. from the ocean. Delicious fruits, teas, juices and smoothies as well. They grow their own turmeric and hydroponic greens, and have a flock of chickens also. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a chance to experience Costa Rica from many different perspectives, while getting a good relaxing vacation in

March 2018

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“Relaxation at its best


I’ve been there with my wife, this place is awesome, quiet and the people there made me feel like home, you will enjoy the yoga classes, the trails around the area and delicious organic food. Recommended 1000%

Steven Rodz
March 2018

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“Exactly what I needed! Expectations Exceeded


I was fortunate enough to get to spend one week at this wonderful yoga retreat. I needed to take a week out of my busy schedule to re-group and spend some much needed time with myself. I figured a stay at Amatierra was exactly what I needed- and I left with more than I imagined. The property is absolutely beautiful, and Jill and Bob were wonderful hosts. I came as a solo traveler and everyone who worked at the property were so welcoming and made me feel at home. The yoga classes in the morning with Vanessa were amazing, and the meditation sessions with Jill in the evening were perfect for unwinding the day. I know I will be back and I highly recommend staying here!

Elisabeth D
February 2018

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“Booking this Yoga/Retreat, although it was in the back of my mind for a year, became a last minute decision. I had my research narrowed down to about 4 resorts in Costa Rica and the reason why I ultimately booked Amatierra was Bob’s professionalism, availability and timely responses. Bob answered any and all questions I had and when I got to Amatierra he was accurate on all that was promised and more. Yes the package I paid for was fully executed but what is not listed in the pricing is the family/friendly environment that Jill & Bob create and therefore is transmitted to all guests. Not only the daily (3 times day) fresh food options were outstanding but for dinner we all ate at one table just like a family. I highly recommend Amatierra and if/when I can I will go back again. Obviously the daily Yoga and meditation sessions were the perfect way to end an year (2017) and welcome a new one (2018). NAMASTE!”

December 2017

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I received more than I expected during my week-long detox at AmaTierra. Bob and Jill are amazing, wonderful people who warmly invited me to what felt like home away from home. The grounds are very well maintained and rooms are luxurious. The yoga studio is magical, especially during evening meditation when you can feel the energy of the jungle. I saw some really cool animals during my stay: a bold coati, a colorful toucan, scarlet macaws flying to roost every night.

The organic food was a perfect retreat from a processed American diet. I did not feel hungry during my detox because the portions are substantial and the snacks are well-timed. The fruit is some of the best in the world!

The staff are super accommodating and very friendly; they will make sure that you want for nothing. Melanie is an angel who will make you feel like you are the only visitor. I enjoyed a massage by Tanya who has a powerful presence and touch. I also tried a body wrap by Noema; she made me feel comfortable enough to concentrate on the sensation. AmaTierra’s drivers are also awesome! PoPo picked me up from Jaco’ and made the journey up the hill amusing and informative. I highly recommend the short trip to the waterfall hike. There is no other experience like jumping in a waterfall in the Costa Rican rain forest.

Overall, expect to be pampered physically, challenged emotionally and healed spiritually at AmaTierra. My body loved it soo much: my skin cleared, gut shrank, posture improved, even my teeth whitened! You will want to stay forever. I left feeling grounded in loving gratitude for my body and my awareness. I learned so much about myself and our collective human purpose. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Jamie H

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“A slice of heaven!”

“I am so grateful for my week at Ama Tierra. What a slice of heaven! The hospitality of Bob and Jill, the experience of community among the guests, stunning mountain view, perfect weather, fabulous food, inspiring open air yoga pavilion, and our various day trips, made it a unique experience of “Wellness” – restoration and inspiration. It was an ideal vacation destination for my daughter and I. Would love to return! ”

Martha Kruger
February 2016

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“Nurturing home away from home”

I went to Amatierra in search of a meditative space to detox from a two-year period of non-stop stress and bad eating. Having never been to Costa Rica, all I knew was I didn’t want frills or partying, just peace and beauty with access to bodywork and simple, healthy food. I got exactly that! Bob and Jill and their elegant staff are so attentive, professional, and friendly; the inspired meals were delicious and fresh; and the various types of bodywork and half-day trips to waterfalls and forests were ALL completely satisfying while leaving plenty of room for napping and journaling each day.

My “Amapola” room was spacious and comfortable; I just had to remember to check for spiders upon entering at night and slept sometimes with earplugs to avoid being awakened by leaves dropping on the resonant tin roof. These were small adjustments to make though, for residing in a gorgeous jungle! (The amazing sounds of the cicadas were so healing.) There was a delightful friendliness among the guests and staff, inspired by Bob and Jill’s delightful personalities and deep respect for the environment surrounding and supporting us.

Most beneficial of all to me were Jill’s varied talents as a teacher and healer: her consultations helped me identify dietary and emotional shifts to help avoid stress upon returning home, and her yoga classes and meditation sessions were deeply spiritual, down to earth, and welcoming. Totally pleased, can’t wait to go back.

Tess S
New York City, New York EEUU

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In my sixty for years of travel, I have never felt to peaceful and relaxed, Maybe serene and blissful are a better term By the second day, I did not know what day it was and truly did not care.

The host and hostess and staff treated you like family, The food is plentiful and fresh, grown on the property and fantastic chef! Everything consumed was a gourmet delight. There was a want for nothing, Tours ( if you chose to leave paradise) were superior so interesting and educational or you can just relax by the pool .Services offered were astounding, massage, mani/pedi, facial and nutritional assistance which I personally found remarkable. Or sit by the beautiful pool.

Always refreshments available in the homey lobby which looks like a living room Nightly piano and singing, which i found charming YOGA AND MEDITATION DAILY which was a major plus and remarkable. UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE,besides meeting people from all over the world which i am still in touch. . Simply adored the mountain air. “refreshing”. Making reservations for next year now!!! CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK. HATS OFF, DEEP BOW AND MAJOR PRAISE TO THE GRACIOUS HOST AND HOSTESS!

Dkt S

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“The Experience of a Lifetime”

This is the Experience of a Lifetime – one of those “magical” places so rare in our world today – where pure Nature embraces you with unforgettable Beauty and Life Spirit.

Opening your eyes on the first morning after a tranquil night when cicadas, frogs and forest singers serenaded you to sleep, the soft light of dawn in the tropics awakens you gently to the sight of leaves dancing on a light breeze and sounds of exotic birdsong. As the sun lazily rises, you ascend steps flanked by vibrant flowering plants to the teak-floored thatched Yoga platform set high up on this mountainside with a breathtaking view of the valley below.

The food here is delicious and healthy, much of it grown in their gardens, the eggs from their own chickens, coffee from a neighbor’s “finca.” Special diets are accommodated, including detox regimens. A variety of day excursions are available – my daughter and I went horseback riding in a rainforest, visited a Butterfly Garden, enjoyed a day trip to tour Carera National Park (where we sighted an Anteater high up in the canopy, a Howler Monkey, Coati, and many gorgeous exotic and wintering birds – the biodiversity here is unimaginable), an afternoon at the beach in Jaco, lunch at local “sodas” where the local food was fabulous, and, on our last day, an Equine Healing session. Each experience was well-planned, fun, interesting and far beyond our expectations.

The owners, Bob and Jill Ruttenberg, interact with each guest to make sure their stay is relaxing, fun and tailored to their needs. Many visitors return – as my daughter and I will do, because we enjoyed feeling like family here, basking in the warmth and generosity of our hosts, the locals who provide services, and the other guests – as world travelers, we both agreed AmaTierra was the best choice we could have made for a vacation, healing retreat, and a bundle of wonderful experiences.

Pamela T
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

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“A Home Away From Home”

I first heard about Amatierra through another Trip Advisor review- I was looking for the perfect place for my first solo trip oversees- it needed to be safe, and offer me the relaxation experience I was looking for. Amatierra did just that.

Bob and Jill have created an incredible environment in the mountains of Costa Rica. After being picked up at the airport by the hilarious Juan, I was driven to my oasis. Diego, at reception, greeted me with a smile and showed me to my perfect, quaint “casita”. It had everything I needed for my week-long stay- a nice big comfy bed, a sitting area with t.v, and even my own little private patio.

My first night at Amatierra was perfect- a table set under the stars and the most amazing 3-course meal I could have asked for.

My overall stay can only be described in one word: perfect. The daily yoga classes and meditation sessions were fantastic and opened my mind and heart- Jill taught me so much about yoga, meditating, and about myself. She has inspired me to continue my yoga practise here at home in Canada.

While at Amatierra I indulged in a massage (the best I have EVER had), an exfoliating scrub (which I left with baby-soft skin), and even a facial- all while listening to the sounds of nature. These services rivalled any and all other spa services I have experienced in my home country.

I was the only guest for the first couple of days (as this is the rainy season in Costa Rica) which was actually fantastic- other guests arrived a few days into my stay and I made fast friends. We feasted together, practised yoga together, and enjoyed each others’ company throughout our stays. I feel that this type of setting made it very easy to make new friends and we continue to stay in touch!

Thank you Jill, Bob, Diego, Beth, Isabel, Cuco, Cato and ALL the wonderful staff at Amatierra for making me feel safe, happy, and like I was part of your family.

Kari K
Milton, Canada

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Resort: AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness Center calls itself “a life-enhancing guest facility” and it may be just that. Nestled on 8 acres in the Costa Rican mountains one hour west of the capital city of San Jose and one hour north of the Central Pacific Beaches, AmaTierra can be your home away from home as well as your home base as you venture on day trips to a variety of area attractions. AmaTierra’s, elevation, at 2000 feet, creates an ideal climate which stays between 62-84 degrees year round. This special eco-resort features an infinity-edge pool, a balcony with breathtaking views and 10 private casitas, each with an outdoor patio. AmaTierra offers basic lodging and breakfast as well as all-inclusive vacation packages such as Wellness & Adventure Packages which include healthful meals, activities and wellness services, including yoga in an open-air gazebo

Best for Resort Because: An eco-lodge with an emphasis on health and wellness, Amatierra leaves no stone unturned when it comes to hospitality and health.

Sophia LaMonica
Local Expert
United States

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 I have had the pleasure to facilitate two retreats at AmaTierra Retreat in Costa Rica. Both of my experiences were amazing. Bob Ruttenberg & Jill Ruttenberg are experienced, caring and thoughtful proprietors. The staff ( many of which I’ve learned have been with them for years and years ) are tremendous. The food, the tranquil location, the excursions they coordinate and the wellness services are all top notch. As a facilitator I felt supported & respected by Bob & Jill – they have the needs of the guests and the teachers paramount in their focus. I highly recommend this facility for anyone looking for a relaxing exotic adventure. The pleasant natured staff and the pristine mountainous jungle environment combine for a nature filled nurturing experience

Kenny Kolter
sacred sound practitioner
United States

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“Deep Healing and Transformation”

I have been leading yoga and wellness retreats since the early 1990’s. I have been in Mexico, Jamaica, the South of France, Harper’s Ferry, the Netherlands, Dominica, Brazil and multiple times in Costa Rica. Amatierra is the first time I have repeated a location. The owners Bob and Jill bring a special family touch to their groups. One feels a part of a community. The setting is unparalleled in beauty, particularly the yoga pavilion which is a jewel with beautiful views of a valley and mountain range. One can hike the property, walk to a near by village or take a day trip accompanied by experienced drivers and guides who are warm, friendly and knowledgeable. Still everyone looks forward to ‘coming home’ to Amatierra.

The meals are perfect. You find yourself looking forward to each one shared on the lovely veranda. They are prepared with love and beautifully proportioned and flavored with local fresh, organic produce and spices. The offerings from the wellness center include massages, facials, shamanic and sound healings all in lovely rooms that cultivate peace and tranquility. Jill is a master yoga teacher in her own right with knowledge of the healing power of Hatha Yoga.The pool is a perfect place to relax and read or just contemplate the beautiful views and the lodgings are cozy, comfortable and charming.

I love bringing my students there, because they feel at home and taken care of. This makes my intention of helping them shed stress and dive deeper into themselves to reconnect with their most cherished dreams, all the easier. I will be back. Thank you Bob and Jill for holding this space for transformation and reconnecting with nature. Namaste, Neva

Washington DC, District of Columbia
United States
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“Great Location for Group Retreat”

We hosted a weeklong dance retreat at Amatierra in February 2015. It was the perfect location for 25 dancers to live and work for 7 days in paradise.
The studio is amazing, and the food was perfect for all our dietary restrictions. I found all of the staff to be extremely helpful and accommodating from the moment we stepped on the property. They helped us arrange transportation to and from the airport as well as excursions on our day off.
Everything we needed was taken care of with ease and a friendly face. I really enjoyed having everything taken care of for us so all we needed to do was focus on dance. I would definitely return to Amatierra with a large group again.

Sacramento, California
United States
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“A Dream Place to Host a Retreat”

“Wow, we set the bar high in picking Amatierra for our first retreat”, was something I had said to my business partner Laurenn, after our amazing first couple of days at Amatierra.
I am onto my dream portion of my career, I am now fortunate to host Pilates/Yoga/ Healing retreats. In picking our retreat location, Amatierra fit every angel we were looking for; it seemed we had found quite the little “gem”. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to start the new venture with Bob and Jill (who now are dear friends).
They have instilled confidence within myself that I am onto something really great with my new passion. They helped to make our first retreat a huge success in more ways than one!
Booking our retreat with Bob and Jill we found the process to be quite easy. Bob was very accommodating to allow Laurenn (who is in Costa Rica) to come to the retreat center to see what it was all about. I soon then received a phone call from Laurenn who was memorized by the center. “We have to book with them, this place was so amazing, Taylor I can’t even describe the energy! After the yoga class, taught by Jill, I felt my hair vibrating! And the food! The food is so GOOD!” This was a powerful statement to me, as Laurenn had never mentioned her energetic experiences after any class she has taken. And Laurenn and I are a bit of, what do you call… foodies! So, I was sold!
My next phone conversation was with Bob. We connected instantly as we shared a connection through the city of Chicago, where he grew up. He was great and easy to chat with. He told me all about the retreat center and what our attendees would receive; it all was reasonable for the price per attendee. He insured me that the weather in September would be beautiful and it was, even though it was rainy season (we loved the predictable afternoon rain that told us it was siesta time and the evening rain that shared our evening movement classes/ the start of dinner with us). At the end of our conversation I felt ready to start advertising our retreat with a very reasonable price for all we were going to offer.
The payment process went well and I felt safe with the transaction. The contract was easy to read and was fair for both parties. The business side of things ran smoothly. Bob was very easy to get a hold of to answer any of our questions. He even advertised our retreat for us on his Facebook page and website.
The time came for our SOLD OUT retreat! Costa Rica was pretty easy to travel to with only one layover from Chicago (we learned on the way back to NOT fly Spirit Air, stupid mistake on our part to pick that airline to fly with). We got to Amatierra with their help, after quite the adventure on a bus that was stuck, (once again, had nothing to do with Amatierra- we booked this transportation outside of the retreat center). They were there to help us in time of need and made sure we were all fine once we arrived. They even went out of their way to come pick us up and greet us with smoothies! It was so wonderful to meet Bob and Jill- finally. They were everything we had hoped we’d come to meet! We also got a bonus with Carlos- our pool boy, just kidding, our “everything” man (so accommodating and fun)! He is such a special person, as he adds such much life and laughter to the center. We can’t say enough about our new (yes, that makes 3) dear friend(s).
After settling in a bit (including an all clothes on jump in the pool by Laurenn and I) we had a wonderful dinner of Tuna stakes (Laurenn was right, the FOOD! Oh, so amazing! We are all Amatierra cookbook owners!) and retired to our double occupancy casitas. They were perfectly equipped with everything we could need, were very clean, and had a nice Costa Rican touch to them.
The next morning we were woken with the excitement to explore the beautiful center. We were amazing with how beautiful the property was and all that was there at our finger tips; hiking trails, a waterfall, tilapia pond, greenhouse, AMAZING yoga studio, treatment rooms/ services, a pool, an outside lounging area, an inside lounge area with WIFI, dining area, and our own taxis to take us anywhere we wanted to go! What more could we possibly want?
We had a loose itinerary for the week with: morning meditation, morning class, breakfast, free time, lunch, siesta, evening class, and dinner. We did have one group excursion day planned, where we went zip lining and horse back riding to the most beautiful waterfall, which Bob set up with transportation.
We are so happy to have planned the week this way because it allowed the time for our attendees to enjoy all the treatments/ services Amatierra had to offer on and off site. Through these services, the retreat center itself, and our classes we were able to see the beautiful transformation in all of our attendees. Every single person was able to leave something that no longer served them and made goals for when they returned home. It was such a beautiful process to watch unfold. I have to thank Jill for most of this. She is incredibly talented with her healing gifts, that we all indulged in. We were honored to have her also teach yoga classes, crystal singing bowl classes, and a full moon festival for us! Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the opportunity to be around Jill and everyone they brought in for us, including Tanya!
Amatierra staff is so friendly and jumps up to meet your every need. They are so warm and welcoming and are always there to greet you with a smile. They are some hard working people!

As our week was winding down, some were fearful of going back to our hometown and loosing the sense of peace, happiness, and contentment we received at the center. I told them they can access the wonderful feeling we experienced at anytime, all they had to do was think of the memories we shared together at Amatierra. I reminded my attendees we would be back soon and they were able to visit the center anytime they wanted to.
I highly recommend Amatierra, I really cannot say enough about the center and of Bob and Jill. I am happy to speak to anyone about our experience as I will help to persuade you to “go for it”! This place will always and forever have a special place in my heart!

Taylor L
Chicago, Illinois
United States
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