Yoga & Meditation at AmaTierra

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

Relax into your body and deepen your yoga practice

“A Person is much more than a collection of bones, tissue and cells. We contain pure Life force energy within us. At AmaTierra, we help you keep that energy radiant by balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of the Human Being”

Jill Ruttenberg, Co-Owner & Yoga and Wellness Director

Yoga Classes

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

Begin your day with a gentle Hatha yoga class in AmaTierra’s open-air yoga studio overlooking the lush jungle valley. Our yoga classes are tailored to suit every body, no matter your age or ability.

AmaTierra offers ongoing Yoga and Wellness Packages, plus yoga retreats and special events.

AmaTierra hosts group retreats for yoga, mindfulness, self-care, self-improvement, detox, spirituality and a full range of creativity seminars. Bring your friends for a discounted group rate, or, if you are a teacher looking for one of the most inspiring places on the planet to bring your students, please call us for details.

If you are new to yoga and would like to discover the type of yoga that’s right for you, read this article written by AmaTierra’s Yoga and Wellness Director, Jill Ruttenberg.

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Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

retreat studio yoga meditation amatierraSunset meditation practice at AmaTierra

At sunset on most days, AmaTierra guests gather on comfortable cushions for a meditation session in our beautiful yoga studio. The meditation we practice is usually guided for a few minutes (visualization or a suggestion for something on which to focus), and then we are silent, sitting or reclining for about 20 minutes.

Our meditation is loosely based on an ancient Buddhist form called Vipassana which means “clear vision”; however, there is nothing religious or ritualistic in how we practice. Mindfulness meditation, the most commonly practiced Vipassana technique, is designed to help you let go of constant thinking and worldly worries in order to find stillness and deep understanding, to better get to know what some people call the “True Self”.

Mindful Meditation is simply a practice of heightening our awareness of the here and now, taking time out to observe what is going on in our bodies, and in our minds.  When we attune our minds to being in a state of constant awareness, we can learn a great deal about how our minds and bodies work.

AmaTierra’s Yoga Philosophy

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

“I find this gentle Hatha style with an emphasis on breathing and deep stretching does the most good for the majority of people. It certainly has helped me overcome chronic neck and low back pain. Someone who is experiencing yoga for the first time realizes, ‘wow! I can DO this…and it feels really GOOD!’”

Jill Ruttenberg, Co-Owner, Yoga Instructor & Yoga and Wellness Director

Practicing yoga is about more than being fit—it’s about tuning in to your true self, getting quiet, being fully present in your moments and breathing into all corners of your Being with focus and intention.

AmaTierra’s commitment to gentle Hatha yoga honors the traditional roots of yoga’s ancient history, offering a strong foundation for your physical yoga practice, grounded in a spiritual tradition that has stood the test of time —a few thousand years, at least!

Jill’s method of teaching is closely aligned with one of her teachers, Jean-Pierre Marques from North Africa who was a pioneer in bringing Eastern traditions to the U.S. in 1971, and who later initiated the Spiritual Awareness Center at Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

studio yoga amatierra

Attune your spirit to the sounds of nature surrounding your senses

Your Yoga Instructors

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

Jill amatierraYoga Instructor Jill Ruttenberg has been a certified Hatha yoga instructor since 1999. Jill’s method of teaching is closely aligned with her principal teacher, Jean-Pierre Marques from North Africa who was a pioneer in bringing Yoga and Eastern traditions to the U.S. in 1971, and who later initiated the Spiritual Awareness Center at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Jill approaches yoga from a Spiritual, whole-person perspective and emphasizes the importance of listening to one’s own body’s guidance during yoga practice.

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals
Yoga Instructor Lucia Ketelhohn is originally from Nicaragua but raised in Costa Rica. Her yoga journey began in 2003, when she became interested in the tradition known as Ashtanga Yoga.
” This was my first love “, Lucia says. Since then, she has studied and practiced Hatha Yoga in New York, Swasthya Yoga in Brazil, Ashtanga Yoga in Brazil and Costa Rica, and Anusara Yoga in Costa Rica . Taking workshops with some of the best yoga instructors in all of those places, she became a certified yoga instructor at Yoga Lamat.
Lucia teaches yoga in English and in Spanish, and speaks five languages. Her soft, peaceful demeanor and gentle style fits beautifully with the vibration of AmaTierra, and her experience makes her a true professional. Lucia is available to teach one-hour private sessions. Please schedule your appointment directly with her after yoga class.
Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals
Vanessa Pinto, from Portugal, has been practicing yoga since 2013, completing a 200-hour Teacher Training Course in Nasik India in 2016. Since then she has taught yoga in Portugal, Guatemala and Costa Rica while ​continuing her profession as a Personal Trainer, certified in 2012. An eternal student, Vanessa primarily guides others in yin, hatha, and vinyasa methodologies. The three disciplines complement each other and provide a balanced approach for the healing power of yoga. Rooted in yogic principles, Vanessa’s approach is versatile enough to accommodate the ​varying needs of ​AmaTierra’s guests  as well as focus on a particular discipline, while students enjoy many options in order for them to get the most out of their yoga practice. Out of love and devotion, she one day hopes to open a center where healthy living can be taught, learned, and practiced in a safe and open setting. Yoga truly encompasses  ​Vanessa’s​ daily life and she is dedicated to serving others. She also enjoys reading, being in nature, visiting other cultures, and spending time with her family.


“Peace Temple”

“I was looking for a special place in the nature to celebrate my 40th birthday. Finding AmaTierra was just a blessing as it was all I was looking for: being surrounded by green, relaxation with the opportunity to do some activity. Well, this place offers it all. You will be absorbed by the sound of the beautiful jungle re-connecting with yourself through the power of this vigorous green nature. Practicing yoga in the breathtaking studio will present you the healing power of mother hearth and gratitude will be the only thought in your mind. Massages done by the expert hands of the practitioners will just add a perfect hint to the relaxation it is found as soon as you step into this Peace Temple. The local waterfalls are very closed and really worth to be seen as well as the Park and the beach which are just 1 h far away. Should you look for a life-change experience go for the horses therapy which is one of those experience which will stay forever in my memory and deeply touched my heart. ”

Marilena Capobianco


“The beautiful yoga studio with its stunning view of the Costa Rican mountains is breath-taking. There is a hammock in the corner, which is perfect for a nice cool-down after a swim in the pool or a walk on the trails. Meditation is after sunset, so the studio is subtly illuminated with candlelight. ”