Yoga & Meditation at AmaTierra

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

Relax into your body and deepen your yoga practice

“A Person is much more than a collection of bones, tissue and cells. We contain pure Life force energy within us. At AmaTierra, we help you keep that energy radiant by balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of the Human Being”

Jill Ruttenberg, Co-Owner & Yoga and Wellness Director

Yoga Classes

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

Begin your day with a gentle Hatha yoga class in AmaTierra’s open-air yoga studio overlooking the lush jungle valley. Our yoga classes are tailored to suit every body, no matter your age or ability.

AmaTierra offers ongoing Yoga and Wellness Packages, plus yoga retreats and special events.

AmaTierra hosts group retreats for yoga, mindfulness, self-care, self-improvement, detox, spirituality and a full range of creativity seminars. Bring your friends for a discounted group rate, or, if you are a teacher looking for one of the most inspiring places on the planet to bring your students, please call us for details.

If you are new to yoga and would like to discover the type of yoga that’s right for you, read this article written by AmaTierra’s Yoga and Wellness Director, Jill Ruttenberg.

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Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

retreat studio yoga meditation amatierraSunset meditation practice at AmaTierra

At sunset on most days, AmaTierra guests gather on comfortable cushions for a meditation session in our beautiful yoga studio. The meditation we practice is usually guided for a few minutes (visualization or a suggestion for something on which to focus), and then we are silent, sitting or reclining for about 20 minutes.

Our meditation is loosely based on an ancient Buddhist form called Vipassana which means “clear vision”; however, there is nothing religious or ritualistic in how we practice. Mindfulness meditation, the most commonly practiced Vipassana technique, is designed to help you let go of constant thinking and worldly worries in order to find stillness and deep understanding, to better get to know what some people call the “True Self”.

Mindful Meditation is simply a practice of heightening our awareness of the here and now, taking time out to observe what is going on in our bodies, and in our minds.  When we attune our minds to being in a state of constant awareness, we can learn a great deal about how our minds and bodies work.

Resonant Singing Bowls often enhance the Meditation Experience at AmaTierra. Retreats such as this Sound Healing Immersion are also options for a more in-depth experience.  See this Video to get a good idea of the Energy of our Yoga Studio and Land here at AmaTierra.

AmaTierra’s Yoga Philosophy

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals

“I find this gentle Hatha style with an emphasis on breathing and deep stretching does the most good for the majority of people. It certainly has helped me overcome chronic neck and low back pain. Someone who is experiencing yoga for the first time realizes, ‘wow! I can DO this…and it feels really GOOD!’”

Jill Ruttenberg, Co-Owner, Yoga Instructor & Yoga and Wellness Director

Practicing yoga is about more than being fit—it’s about tuning in to your true self, getting quiet, being fully present in your moments and breathing into all corners of your Being with focus and intention.

AmaTierra’s commitment to gentle Hatha yoga honors the traditional roots of yoga’s ancient history, offering a strong foundation for your physical yoga practice, grounded in a spiritual tradition that has stood the test of time —a few thousand years, at least!

Jill’s method of teaching is closely aligned with one of her teachers, Jean-Pierre Marques from North Africa who was a pioneer in bringing Eastern traditions to the U.S. in 1971, and who later initiated the Spiritual Awareness Center at Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

studio yoga amatierra

Attune your spirit to the sounds of nature surrounding your senses

Your Yoga Instructors

Yoga retreat in costa rica with organic gardens and meals
Jill amatierra
Jill Ruttenberg, Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor Jill Ruttenberg has been a certified Hatha yoga instructor since 1999. Jill’s method of teaching is closely aligned with her principal teacher, Jean-Pierre Marques from North Africa who was a pioneer in bringing Yoga and Eastern traditions to the U.S. in 1971, and who later initiated the Spiritual Awareness Center at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Jill approaches yoga from a Spiritual, whole-person perspective and emphasizes the importance of listening to one’s own body’s guidance during yoga practice.

Amelia Horton
Amelia Horton, yoga instructor, RyT 200

Amelia Horton, Yoga instructor, comes to AmaTierra for the 2021-22 high season from California. Her style is aligned with AmaTierra’s yoga philosophy, and guests love her gentle way of teaching.

Amelia is also a talented breathwork practitioner and she is available to lead you through that process, one on one as well as help you get to the next level of your practice and work out the kinks in a private lesson.

Amelia says: “Teaching gentler yoga with an emphasis on body awareness, safe alignment, and mindfulness is where my passion lies. I believe that yoga is for everyone and that many people, Westerners especially, don’t understand the true spirit, philosophy, and complexity of the practice. I love to teach my students that yoga is so much more than fitness, flexibility, and unattainable Instagram poses. My classes are inclusive and accessible for all levels, ages and body types.


AmaTierra…the View, the Food, the Yoga, the Ultimate Healing Environment
Bill A, December 4, 2021
I waited for several months before I left my review for AMATIERRA, because I don’t write reviews, period. The memories and treasured moments I experienced at this incredible property do not escape my memory, and I daydream of on a daily basis. The food, the view, the classes, the amenites, the plants & animals. So exclusive. I loved the people. Loved the music. Loved the escape. Spritual enrichment at unimaginable levels. Find yourself. Discover your inner Warrior. Peace, Joy, and all your soul craves. All in one place.

“Restful, Rejuvenating, and Welcoming”
“My partner and I booked a 9-day trip to AmaTierra and stayed for 12! We absolutely loved everything about our Costa Rican getaway. As soon as we arrived at the airport, we were greeted by a wonderful driver. When we arrived at AmaTierra, it was more gorgeous than photos. Our trip was at the beginning of the “Green Season,” and throughout the trip, we were able to see an amazing mix of birds and beauty as it seemed like new plants were blooming every day. The views of the mountains were restorative, and we enjoyed walks along the pathways, Jill’s garden tour, and walks into the small town down the road. Jill, Bob, and the awesome staff were incredible! Everything was so consistently clean and food arrived at the table on time–always. We really enjoyed the rhythm of AmaTierra–the morning yoga, followed by coffee, fruit, and breakfast, a mix of active activities, lunch and restorative practices, treatments, and swimming during the day, yoga/meditation as the sun sets, and then just the best dinner ever. We found this routine so important to our own rest, healing, and anxiety-reducing needs that were one reason we came to Costa Rica. In addition to the rhythm, views, and staff, the food is amazing. We felt healthy (but full) after every meal, and felt that food was such a gift and loving act from the kitchen team. Food was fresh and flavorful, creative, beautiful, and fun! We loved the evenings when we ate with others too, and sometimes we even got together before dinner for sing-a-longs. There is an opportunity to make it what you want, and this community-building was a blessing for our time there. We are so grateful for our conversations with Bob, Jill, Cuco, Casey (who was our awesome yoga instructor while we there), and everyone else. They wanted us to have the best experiences, and they truly helped us feel like better versions of ourselves. We took part in some of the adventures, and highly recommend the tour in the rainforest, sound healing, and the hard-to-explain-but-moving-horse experience. Our trip was filled with monkeys and birds and iguanas and people and trees and flowers and smiles and conversation and rest. We cannot wait to come back for another visit and thank AmaTierra so much!!!! ”

Trip Advisor

“Returned to Myself”

“What an amazing retreat! I chose to do their detox program just to get all the accumulated junk out of me physically, emotionally, spiritually and to raise my vibration a bit. I have returned to Myself and it is a wonderful place to be. Jill was very loving in her approach to not letting me starve as she cleansed me with custom juices, smoothies, salads and vegetable dishes. Honestly, I was never really hungry. The rooms were always clean and fresh and meals were taken family style which was wonderful as we all got to know each other well. If you go, definitely do the waterfall excursion. It’s nearby and made for a fun afternoon. I highly recommend Ama Tierra.”

Mark L
Trip Advisor