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Upcoming yoga retreats at Amatierra
Costa rica yoga retreat
Upcoming yoga retreats at Amatierra
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Yoga & Life-enhancing Therapies at AmaTierra

"A Person is much more than a collection of bones, tissues and cells. We contain the Life force, and our aim is to keep it radiant by balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of a Human Being"
Jill Ruttenberg

Reconnect with your peaceful inner self through yoga and bodywork.Reconnect with your peaceful inner self through yoga and bodywork.

Yoga Classes

AmaTierra offers daily gentle Hatha yoga classes tailored to suit every body, no matter the age or ability level. If you are new to yoga and would like to learn what type of yoga might be best for YOU, please read this article written by AmaTierra's yoga and wellness director, Jill Ruttenberg.
Check our ongoing Yoga and Wellness Packages.  Yoga retreats and other special events are offered frequently at AmaTierra. AmaTierra hosts group retreats for yoga , self-help,detoxing, spirituality and creativity seminars. Bring your friends for group rates, or, if you are a teacher looking for one of the most inspiring places on the planet to bring your students, please call us for details.

enjoy the view at the new open-air studioenjoy the view at the new open-air studio
“I find this gentle Hatha style with an emphasis on breathing and deep stretching does the most good for the majority of people,” instructor Jill Ruttenberg says. “It certainly has helped me overcome chronic neck and low back pain. Someone who is experiencing yoga for the first time realizes, ‘wow! I can DO this…and it feels really GOOD!’ Practicing yoga is about more than being fit—it’s about tuning in to your true self, getting quiet, practicing being fully present in your moments and breathing into all the corners of your Being with focus and intention.”

relax deeply with Gentle Hatha Yogarelax deeply with Gentle Hatha Yoga
enjoy the view at the new open-air studiowith just the sounds of nature you will be able to refine your spirit

At AmaTierra you can Get Into Practice and relax deeply into your body as you breathe and stretch with Gentle Hatha Yoga. Many interesting forms of yoga are being taught these days, and all have their merits, but the basic Hatha style taught at AmaTierra is the foundation for physical yoga practice and has stood the test of time —a few thousand years! With the addition of our new studio, we will be offering more varieties of classes very soon.

Jill’s method of teaching is closely aligned with one of her teachers, Jean-Pierre Marques from North Africa who was a pioneer in bringing Eastern traditions to the U.S. in 1971, and who later initiated the Spiritual Awareness Center at Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

AmaTierra's inspiring new open-air studioAmaTierra's inspiring new open-air studio
relax deeply as you breathe and stretchrelax deeply as you breathe and stretch


“Deep Healing and Transformation”
I have been leading yoga and wellness retreats since the early 1990's. I have been in Mexico, Jamaica, the South of France, Harper's Ferry, the Netherlands, Dominica, Brazil and multiple times in Costa Rica. Amatierra is the first time I have repeated a location. The owners Bob and Jill bring a special family touch to their groups. One feels a part of a community. The setting is unparalleled in beauty, particularly the yoga pavilion which is a jewel with beautiful views of a valley and mountain range.
One can hike the property, walk to a near by village or take a day trip accompanied by experienced drivers and guides who are warm, friendly and knowledgeable. Still everyone looks forward to 'coming home' to Amatierra. The meals are perfect. You find yourself looking forward to each one shared on the lovely veranda.
They are prepared with love and beautifully proportioned and flavored with local fresh, organic produce and spices. The offerings from the wellness center include massages, facials, shamanic and sound healings all in lovely rooms that cultivate peace and tranquility. Jill is a master yoga teacher in her own right with knowledge of the healing power of Hatha Yoga.The pool is a perfect place to relax and read or just contemplate the beautiful views and the lodgings are cozy, comfortable and charming.
I love bringing my students there, because they feel at home and taken care of. This makes my intention of helping them shed stress and dive deeper into themselves to reconnect with their most cherished dreams, all the easier. I will be back. Thank you Bob and Jill for holding this space for transformation and reconnecting with nature. Namaste, Neva

Washington DC, District of Columbia
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“Great Location for Group Retreat”
REVIEWED February 2015
"We hosted a weeklong dance retreat at Amatierra in February 2015. It was the perfect location for 25 dancers to live and work for 7 days in paradise. The studio is amazing, and the food was perfect for all our dietary restrictions. I found all of the staff to be extremely helpful and accommodating from the moment we stepped on the property. They helped us arrange transportation to and from the airport as well as excursions on our day off. Everything we needed was taken care of with ease and a friendly face. I really enjoyed having everything taken care of for us so all we needed to do was focus on dance. I would definitely return to Amatierra with a large group again."

Sacramento, California
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"The peace I needed, the trip I never thought possible"
"After a long couple of years, I was due for a yoga retreat style vacation. I had heard good things about Ama Tierra and decided to book. Bob and Jill are the perfect hosts for the week and make sure that your stay is everything you expect. From day trips, spa treatments and food, all taken care of with great thoughts and perfect planning. The food, I have never eaten so well, ever, such great fresh fish, fruit,vegetables and desserts. I had 2 massages and facial with Issabella, a food sensitivity test and chakra / stomach massage with Jill which were relaxing, therapeutic and Jill's food test, extremely close to right on the mark. In my stay at AT, there was a yoga instructor named Chase who was staying there for a while and split the teaching schedule with Jill. They were great classes all around. I am not a great review writer, but I felt that I neede to express my experience at Ama Tierra. It was the trip I needed at the time I needed it."
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Relax and enjoy yoga in AmaTierra's inspiring new open-air studio where the views will inspire profound transformation in your whole Self.