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Detoxification Program

"See Special Detox Retreat Weeks"

    From time to time our bodies need a break, a fresh start to give us more energy and embark upon a healthier path. AmaTierra offers 5 & 7 night detox programs for those who wish to cleanse in a safe way, guided by a health professional, in a serene and natural environment.

    Ama Tierra approaches their clients with the mentality that different person require different types of cleansing with respect to their respective lifestyles. Call it different strokes for different folks. The type of detox used to different people is dependent on one’s body type, constitution, lifestyle and diet.
    Because Ama Tierra is located in a rainforest environment, it offers an apt environment for rejuvenation and restoration. The sounds of the nature make the ambiance to be calm and serene so that it disentangles any stress in your mind.

  • Our philosophy:
    At AmaTierra, we recognize that each person may need a different type of cleanse, depending on one's lifestyle, constitution, body type, diet and many other factors. Some people may do well with juice fasting, others need more nutritional support. Some may need a focus on liver cleansing, others colon or kidney. With a health professional guiding you through the 5 or 7 days, you can feel safe and nurtured, knowing that your program is specifically designed for you. Keep in mind that the "key elements" of our detox program, outlined below, are just guidelines for what we offer, and may or may not be part of YOUR personal detox.
    To get a better idea of how people differ and what may be the best detox for you, please read this article from reg. herbalist/nutritionist Jill Ruttenberg, AmaTierra's wellness director.

    We also want to point out that the body does not exist separate from our thoughts, emotions and Spiritual state of Being. Feeling supported in a serene environment conducive for contemplation and rejuvenation of your whole Self is very important when cleansing. AmaTierra's tropical rainforest setting, teeming with "Beloved Earth" energy, with all the life, sounds and sights of nature, provides the ideal atmosphere in which to unravel layers of stress. You will re-enter your home life knowing a more relaxed and clear-minded version of your True Self.
  • Key elements of AmaTierra's Detox Program:
    Initial Private Consultation and Daily Check-in with registered Nutritionist/Herbalist Jill Ruttenberg or other health professional
    Fresh, Organic Raw Foods & Juices
    Herbal Teas and Cleansing Drinks for whole body cleansing
    Daily Gentle Yoga and Meditation Classes
    Sound Meditation Session to Balance the Chakras

    Body Therapies including:

    -One hour full body massage
    -Optional Enemas (possibly made with lemon juice or coffee) with step by step
    -Instructions provided
    -Aromatherapy Baths using Pure, Organic doTerra Oils, in your Private Casita
    -Skin Brushing (Did you know your skin is the largest detox organ in the body?)
    -Unlimited Use of the BioMat to move toxins through the lymph system, increase
    -circulation and soothe nerves, joints and muscles. Individualized Whole body detox is available at -AmaTierra, guided by nutritionist/herbalist Jill Ruttenberg.

    Optional Add-on Therapies & Activities:

    -Counseling Sessions with Licensed Professional Therapists Marsha & Mark Friedman
    -Clay Wraps and/or Exfoliation
    -Massage (See Wellness Services for more options)
    -Aromatherapy Baths using Pure, Organic doTerra Oils, in your Private Casita
    -A Beach Day, Rainforest or Zipline Tour
    -Spirit of the Horse Reflection Day at Sweet Prince Ranch

  • How to get started on your way to a Cleaner, Clearer Self

    First, think about what you really want to achieve from a Detox, and be sure you are doing it to enhance your health, rid your body of accumulated toxins and make a new start toward healthier living. Detoxing is not a way to lose weight, as weight loss requires diligence and lifestyle changes, however, our program can help to START this kind of change in your life.

    Second, inquire about availability for the time you would like to come. Individual Detox is offered at AmaTierra all year long with the exception of the month of October (we are closed) and Dec. 20 – January 3. Detox retreats are offered from time to time (see our retreat calendar)

    Once you reserve your space, with a deposit of ˝ the amount, our health professional will send you a Questionnaire. Please fill it out, scan (or fax) and return it, and you will receive suggestions on preparing for the cleanse.

    We hope to see you soon at AmaTierra, and we applaud you for taking health matters into your own hands and having the desire to make a change that will give you new energy and a clearer mind-set!

  • Guest Testimonial: “Life-changing trip”
    Reviewed February 25, 2014.

    I arrived at AmaTierra feeling like a physical wreck. A mere seven days later I felt better than I had for years. I was literally rejuvenated. I did the detox package (mainly because I wanted to give up smoking) but the experience was so very much more. I could wander round the grounds watching toucans, humming birds and butterflies. I could do yoga or meditate in the extraordinary yoga space, with its views to the hills. (Also good for birdwatching). I ate delicious, organic, healthy-but-sinful-tasting meals on the terrace, watched by iguanas. I had amazing treatments from Jill, Annelise and Tanya. I was made to feel not like a mere guest, but like a (slightly eccentric) member of the family. And I'm still not smoking, am not tempted to smoke, and I still feel the warm glow of AmaTierra...

    Gouex, France

    Rates include

    - Lodging in private casita.
    - All meals/juices/herbal teas.
    - Hotel Taxes.
    - Consultation and daily check-ins with a health professional.
    - One hour Full Body Massage.
    - Daily Yoga & Meditation Class.
    - Use of Biomat.
    - All property amenities.


    5 night Double : $1075 per person (sharing a room)
    5 night Single  : $1275 per person

    7 night Double : $1275 per person (sharing a room)
    7 night Single  : $1495 per person

"See Special Detox Retreat Weeks"

Write to us to inquire about availability:

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